After the intense fight between Frey and Tanta Prav in Chapter 8, it is time to relax. This chapter discusses using your newly acquired powers, magic spells, and emotional cutscenes. After gaining control of Frey, time to follow the map marker again. Reach the vast lake at the top of the hill. Here you will learn how to use the Glide Spell. Hold the Flow button to move across the water to use the Glide Spell. You will glide on top of it, as suggested by its name.

Another Triumph Return To Cipal

After beating the Tanta Prav and learning about the newly acquired Glide Spell, it is time to return to Cipal to progress the main story. To get to the city, reach the other side of the lake to enable fast traveling.

You will spawn near the city gates. Head to the upper city and climb the stone steps to reach the council chambers. Once you reach the council chamber, a very sad and emotional cutscene will be played. After that cutscene, Chapter 9 of Forspoken will come to an end.

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