Tanta Prav is the ruler of Avoalet, and in Chapter 8 of Forspoken, she will put Frey on trial. In this chapter, you have to fight another Tanta. It involves fighting with Tanta Prav, accompanied by her minions. These enemies are not the main problem as you have dealt with these enemies before. This battle consists of three rounds, and keep in mind that there will be no Healing Draughts throughout the battle. Therefore, the Healing Draughts you’ve saved from the previous chapters will become very useful.


Round One
In this round, you will encounter Unjust Enforcers, which you have killed in Chapter 7. So use the same spell (Sila’s Magic) on them. You can use Arc Slice or Rage Slice as well.

Round Two
This round consists of a pack of Canis Dirus and a few Syntheras. Syntheras are hard to target as they are bound around the area. Keep your distance away from the dogs, as they will swarm you. There is no order sequence, which enemy you will take down first. Just Remember that these enemies are weak against Frey’s Magic. So it is up to you which enemy you will kill first.

Round Three
This Last round is also filled with Unjust Enforcers accompanied by Pitiless Arbiters. Some Unjust Enforcers will spawn on the high ledges of the arena. You can take them out easily by climbing up using Parkour Magic. So dealing with enemies is a familiar fight for you, as you defeated them in Chapter 7.

Tanta Prav

This boss is defeated in two phases. She has a series of attacks, so be careful.

Phase 1
To inflict damage to Tanta Prav, use Blast Slices, as they are long-range spells, and Sila’s Magic is the weakness of Tanta Prav. Get ready for Tanta Prav’s attacks, including summoning a linear burst of ice spires from the ground. They’re easy to dodge, so there is nothing to worry about here.

After dodging her first attack, get ready for her second attack, creating a giant ball of water in the center by floating up very high in the middle of the arena. After dealing with the exploding water ball, watch for swirling water jets firing into the air. Don’t let them fall on you, which will heavily inflict damage on you.

When you successfully dodge the attacks mentioned above, she will summon largely cylindrical jets of water that fire into the walls. Don’t get caught in these jets, as they will push you against the wall, inflicting more damage. Blast Slices attack is your best bet against her, and if you can get closer to Tanta Prav, start slicing away with melee attacks. As these are some of her weaknesses.

Phase 2
Once you successfully degraded the health of Tanta Prav to 33%, the second phase will commence. As she goes upside-down, you are fighting on platforms surrounded by water. Now she will attack you with the same water ball, but this water ball is larger and fires very quickly. Use Crucible to break the water ball once you have the move prepared.

Tanta Prav can freeze the water, so her next attack will be summoning large spires of ice from the ground. To avoid these spires of ice, it is better to stay on the platform. Now she can put you in the center of the arena by changing your position. Then a series of bubbles will be directed at you, causing much damage. To avoid these bubbles, attack them. Setting up a Crucible while you are being teleported, the bubbles will pop upon spawning.

She can fire jets of water in succession at you. To dodge these attacks, hold the Flow button, and be careful not to drop into the water after dodging. The second attack is that she sends a whole barrage of jets of water at once after bursting a colossal water ball. This phase is not as easy as you think, but her health is relatively low. Inflicting damage on her might be difficult as she can rapidly change her position from one point to another.

Phase 3
When she freezes the water, ice is safe to walk on, and you can melee attack her, causing a decent amount of damage. Throughout the battle against her, try to maintain your health because low health can lead you into trouble. Defeating her will end the chapter.

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