Chapter 7 in Forspoken is a whole new chapter after the defeat of Tanta Sila in Chapter 5. Well, the celebration is over! And now Frey is ready to face new friends, foes, and quests in Chapter 7, as it is based on an entirely new arena. This guide will walk you through the entirety of Chapter 7: The Hue of Blue in Forspoken.

A New Journey

Time to travel more, Avoalet is the next destination of Frey. Where she will find some important tree sap to cure Robian’s insanity. Avoalet is ruled by a new ruler Tanta Prav. After regaining control of Frey, time to follow your good old friend, Map Marker. After following the map marker, you will be bumped into a cutscene with Auden. Some new things you will have to find:

  • Events
  • Detours
  • Features

These Detours will grant you some extra XP.

Finding Robin

After the cutscene with Auden, you will be given a task to find Robian. You will find him in the Harkiska Grove near the large ballow tree, where you found him in the previous chapters. Once you have found Robian, talk to him.

You will notice that the corruption inside him is increasing at this moment. As mentioned above, Sap from a Ballow Tree can help the old man get this saintly back, and he will be able to help Frey return to New York City. Now time to explore Avoalet to find Sap from a ballow tree.

Frey’s Next Stop: Avoalet

Time to leave Cipal. You can explore the area between Cipal and Avoalet but focus on the main objective. Your map will be updated with new locations of Avoalet after talking to Councilwoman Bellete. Avoalet is located south of Cipal.

Follow the quest marker on the map. The first primary location is Merveil Bridge. Get ready to fight against new enemies: The Unjust Enforcer and the Pitiless Arbiter.

Beating The Unjust Enforcer

These enemies are very agile and have deadly accuracy when throwing arrows at you. Flowing was very helpful against them, and they’re easy to take. The Unjust Enforcer has a max health of 350, its experience is 32, and Sila’s Magic is its weakness.

Beating The Pitiless Arbiter

Sila’s Magic is its weakness. The Pitiless Arbiter has a max health of 2400, and its experience is 73. These are considered more dangerous than Unjust Enforcers because they are weak when using Sila’s Magic on them.

Still, their attack will become very aggressive once they bring out their colossal ice axe. Try to take them out when their weapons (Ice Axe) are down. Beating these enemies will increase your stamina and boost your experience.

Castle Town of Avoalet

Now head south. A couple of tasks will be waiting for you, so it’s up to you before reaching Misty Shore. By reaching the southern tip of the Fountainfields, dive and take care of Depths of Corruption, As you did in previous chapters. Reaching this area will trigger a cutscene.

There are three ballow trees, which you have to find. These trees are marked on your map, so remember the top two trees will not progress your story. The last bottom tree on your map will progress your story by interacting with it. But it is not that easy to make your way to the last tree because as you get closer to the last tree, you will be attacked by a large group of Kelaino.

Once again, use Sila’s Magic on them to kill them. Once you are done with the enemies, tapping the tree will give you enough Sap.

Heading Your Way To Samum Coast

Once again, you will be attacked by Unjust Enforcers and Pitiless Arbiters. Take them out. Samum Coast, located on the other side of Saray Gate. On your way, a Breakstrom will appear when you are closer to a massive ballow tree.

A helpful tip is don’t be hasty by rushing to the tree. Head to western Refuge nearby and rest up. Get yourself an entire supply of Healing Draughts, which will be helpful in future boss fights. As you get nearer to the tree, you will be attacked by a Riven Claw. Riven Claw can be easily defeated by using Sila’s Magic.

Once you have killed every enemy throughout your journey, examine the ballow tree, and you will get all the Sap. the chapter will end here.

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