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Forspoken Chapter 6 (Damned If You Do) Walkthrough Guide


After the deadly fight between Frey and Tanta Sila in Chapter 5, Frey is satisfied that she has completed her oath by killing Tanta Sila. People of Cipal can now live without the fear of Tanta Sila. In Chapter 6 of Forspoken, it is time to use your newly acquired magic after beating Tanta Sila. Go back to Cipal and explore the places which were locked before. But don’t get too excited, as there are more chapters in the game, so save your goods for later use.

A Triumph Return
After Tanta Sila’s reign ends, a few cutscenes will be played. After these cutscenes, follow the map marker. This will allow learning about the Zip spell, which you acquired in Chapter 5, and you will also learn its usage of it for moving around the map.

Now make your way back to Praenost Castle Town. As you reach the gate, you will notice that Fast Travel is enabled, use it and go back to Cipal. Now go back to the center of Copal by using Fast Travel (To save time). Fast Travel will spawn you outside the gates or to the Refuge in the Blessed Plains. Both are nearby to the center of Cipal.

Celebration For The Returning Hero
After reaching Cipal, head up the stairs and reach the tavern. Here people will greet you as a hero and celebrate in honor of their hero. Here talk to everyone. Talking to people will reward you with some experience and some goodies. Like, talking to Bellete and Johedy will give you experience and, later on, a Nugget.

You can also participate in different activities. You can take on the Dancing in Cipal Detour by simply talking to Pilo (A Simple Rhythm Game), and you can retry it by talking to Pilo.

Interact with Olevia’s cat (In the square) and follow it to Finders Keepers. Here you will get Olevia’s Garland, which is an archive entry.

A scene will automatically trigger after talking to everyone at the celebration party. To progress the story, ensure you have completed the above objectives before talking to the last person.

A Wave of Enemies
Head to the map marker after regaining control of Frey. The map marker will point out where you need to move next. Pick up some Healing Draughts, which will become helpful in the future. Reach the city’s lowest level, and be prepared, as a wave of Breakzombies will attack you on your way. Just use the good old beating method you learned in the previous chapters.

You will be attacked by Riven Carcasses right after beating the wave of Breakzombies. These nightmares will be new to you, these enemies that only live in Breakstorms. Riven Carcasses are similar to Breakzombies. Their attacks are wide-ranging and can interrupt you while using spells against them.

Chapter 6 in Forspoken will come to an end! After beating the wave of every enemy, you will be teleported to the upper levels of the city. Follow the map marker. It will lead you up the stairs.

This is all we have got on how to complete Chapter 6 in Forspoken. Some more Forspoken guides you might be interested in:

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