In previous chapters, we were after Tanta Sila, Forspoken’s main antagonist. In Chapter 5, she will be Frey’s first big boss in Forspoken. As compared to Chapter 4, Chapter 5 is significantly shorter. But don’t get yourself by the length of this chapter because it is not that easy. So at this point, side-quests play a vital role because they are the best way to gear yourself up for a boss fight. Let us dive into the depths of Chapter 5 of Forspoken:

Pioneers’ Plain
As soon as you gain control of yourself, start heading south. Head to Praenost Castle Town, located south. Exploration of this area is safe, without fear of another Breakstorm occurring. But remember that this area has plenty of cliffs, which are challenging to climb, so be careful when climbing on these cliffs.

Climb the hill toward Castle Town, and you will be bombarded with fireballs. To avoid these fireballs, use Mafic Parkour. Finally, you will reach the Errant Knights. So take these Errant Knights to move further in your journey. Upon reaching the town gates, you are again greeted by a group of Errant Knights. By defeating them, you will obtain Odvaha Ore.

Castle Town
Frey and Cuff discuss their plan of attack and then rest at the Refuge, here witness the scene. You will encounter a load of enemies but also chests to loot. For the upcoming boss fight, ensure you have the highest Purple Magic stat and upgraded equipment and stock up sufficient healing draughts.

The plan you choose to attack, you can actually only get to the throne room via the side passage route. By heading to the main gates, here you will be attacked by a group of Errant Knights and a Recreant Knight, and you will find that the gates are blocked by fallen rubble.

Follow the map marker, which indicates a side passage. From there, climb the slopes. Here, you have to deal with Teratornis. To take them out, use Disperse Support Spell or a few seconds of concentrated Scatter Shot.

After that, you will reach the side of the castle and a ladder. Climb the ladder and continue until you reach a Breakstorm. Ignore the storm and make your way toward the map marker. Once you reach the map marker, you will be greeted by a group of Errant Knights led by a Recreant Knight.

Take down the Errant Knights. Once they’re dead, kill the Recreant Knight. It will be easy this way. After killing them, all the doors of the castle will be unlocked, and you will be rewarded with the Aftershock nail design.

Entering the Castle Praenost
Now the time has come to face Tanta Sila. A chest will be waiting for you on the second level of the castle. Go to the left from the top of the stairs, following the map marker. A cutscene will be played. Here examine all the paintings in the hallway to learn about the four Tantas of Athia. Now a single door separates you and Tanta Sila.

Defeat Tanta Sila

Tanta Sila’s max HP is 9000, and she has no weakness. To take her down isn’t a piece of cake as you take her down in three phases.

First Phase
The first phase is a basic 1 vs. 1. She will attack Frey with fireballs. The same applies to her as you dodged these fireballs bombarded by Errant Knights. You can use Parkour Magic or hide behind the large pillars. The best way is to keep moving with Flow and avoid getting close to Sila. Then time to spawn as many spells as you can.

Second Phase
When the HP of Tanta Sila is half, a cutscene will be played. She will summon eight Errant Knights and a giant fireball above her head, aiming directly at you. To avoid the giant fireball, hide behind a pillar. Tanta Sila’s melee attacks will become much faster. She can dash toward you to close the gap right before attacking. She will also summon spears, but you can dodge them easily.

This phase is tricky initially because of the eight Errant Knights and Sila’s fast attacks. Like in previous battles, take down the Errant Knights first. Try to attack them from behind. Now time to damage Sila. Dodge her spear attacks from afar when stuck in her axe attack animation. Don’t attack during the fireball attacks by her.

Third Phase
Now you are so close to taking Tanta Sila down. Once her health is around 30 percent, another cutscene will be played. You will notice her name will be changed from Tanta Sila to Tanta Sila Enraged. This new version will restore her health fully, and her attacks will be more fierce.

She will become more mobile, and her melee attack will accompany an axe. Now you have to move very quickly to avoid her attacks. A leaping axe attack will get Sila directly to your location. She can summon five fireballs above her head, which will be aimed directly at you and fired simultaneously. Use Flow to dodge them. Otherwise, they are hard to dodge.

The fight is not over as she will attack an array of fiery arrows into the sky, quickly falling on your top. To avoid these arrows, keep moving to avoid damage from these arrows. After these attacks, she will summon explosions of lava from the ground. Later, these will cover the entire arena. This lava will make the arena hazardous. Avoid her damage by standing on an alleviated surface where the lava can’t touch you.

To tackle her series of attacks, be prepared for what kind of power she will use on you. To inflict damage on Sila when she’s ready to make her next move or attack. Try to take advantage of this cooldown and attack her. After knowing the sequence of her attacks, you can easily beat her in no time.

Beating Tanta Sila will give you Sila’s Magic as a reward. Sila’s weapons and spells, along with the Zip ability, will drastically improve the ability to move around the world of Athia. After the defeat of Tanta Sila, Chapter 5 of Forspoken will come to an end.

This is all we have got in how to complete Chapter 5 in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out these guides:

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