After defeating The Recreant Knight in Chapter 3, it’s time to explore the further story of Forspoken. Now that the game has a broader world to offer, it is time to explore the depths of Praenost, as some areas are linked to the main story. In Chapter 3, Frey swears to take revenge on Tanta Sila. Tanta Sila is the ruler of Praenost and the main antagonist of Forspoken. We kill her in Chapter 4 of Forspoken.

An Oath of Vengeance
Chapter 4 of Forspoken offers some new events and detours. To progress the story, talk to the four councilors located in Cipal. Their names are the following:

  • Councilwoman Dax
  • Councilman Treahy
  • Councilman Jennesh
  • Councilwoman Bellette

Guided Tour of Detour
At this point in the story, you will meet a new character named Pilo near the tavern. To begin the first detour of the chapter, talk to Pilo, as it will lead to a guided tour of the city. A conversation will also trigger between you and him. Listen to it!

After reaching the farm/graveyard, the second detour will trigger automatically. It is time to feed three sheep. Use Cuff Search to locate these three sheep. After feeding them, follow Pilo through the upper city.

At this point, Frey will argue with Pilo (In a cutscene). Head to the lower part of the city to finish the quest. Pilo will take you to Finders’ Keepers.

Insearch of Robian
Your main goal is to find Robian Keen. Harkiska Grove is where you will find Robian, located in the city’s western section. Upon approaching Robian and his daughter Auden, you will be instructed to go to the archives.

Make your way to the archives entrance in the middle of the stairs towards the crowd of worshippers. Once you reach there, you will meet Johedy (An Archivist and Ex-Blacksmith). When you are about to leave the library, talk to Johedy for extra experience.

Spellcraft Challenges In Archives
In the archives, examine the big bookcase at the back of the room to unlock the spellcraft challenges. They are worth doing as they grant you stat and ability boosts as rewards. These are time-sensitive challenges, so carefully pick on those challenges which you can complete. Challenges for movement abilities, as they are easy to complete.

Treasured Memories of Robin
We find out that Robian is missing something quite special after talking with Robain in Auden’s room. It is the same room where you find Robian in the first place. To find what is missing, head to Harkiska Grove. Head to the upper city by following the quest marker. Here you will meet three people, and talk to all of them.

Now head to the lower city to another place, indicated by the quest marker. To complete this detour, head back to Auden’s room and talk to Robian. Here you will hear a young boy calling out to you. When you interact with the little boy, he will give you a Medical Textbook, which is the missing book from the memory of Robian.

The Castle of Tanta Sila
Before making your way through the main story, some side quests or points of interest can grant you new equipment, new nail designs, and a load of experience.

  • The Blessed Plains
  • The Guardians’ Way
  • The Citadel
  • Middle Praenost

When you reach the Depths of Corruption, located at the southern tip of Middle Praenost. Watch the scene and dive into the break to reach the next area, The Citadel.

The Citadel is more straightforward compared to the rest of Praenost. Head to the southeast until you reach Fort Praenost. This place is quiet, as discussed in a cutscene. Keep moving through the valley to the east.

Battle With Praenost Castle Ramparts
When you will reach Praenost Castle Ramparts, which is a bit further from the Citadel eastern Refuge. A warning will be given before entering the castle. Get ready for a battle. Use burst shot or scattershot at level two, and ensure that you have a full stock of Healing Draughts (These are considered very helpful during fights). After entering the Ramparts, two Recreant Knights will face you. Follow the same steps which you did in Chapter 3.

It is recommended to play carefully and try not to get inflicted with enemy damage. As you keep progressing slowly, try to dodge the attacks of enemies.

After dealing with the Knights, keep heading south toward Tanta Sila’s Castle. You will be attacked by an infinitely spawning host of Nightmares, and your health will decrease slowly with these attacks. At this point, don’t stop. Keep pushing all the way to the marker on the map. After reaching the cave, a cutscene will be played, and the chapter will end.

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