Chapter 3: The Interloper of Forspoken is the main chapter where you will experience the freedom of the game’s open world map. This chapter offers you to upgrade and craft new equipment for Frey.

This chapter has many side quests along with the main story. It is good practice that you should play side quests because it unveils so many hidden messages and paths in the game. Still, if you focus on completing the main story without completing side quests, it’s gonna take 1 hour, depending on your playing pace.

Escaping From The Jail
At the beginning of Chapter 3, you will start playing from jail, and the objective is to get out the jail. As mentioned above, you should scour each area because of hidden paths, etc. At this point, you have to find a window located above the bed. After that, take a look at the cell door. When you are about to use Frey’s Magic to free herself from the cell. Auden will come to the cell door and offer Frey to rescue her. Auden, the woman who vouched for Frey during her trial.

Now it is time to follow Auden and keep a low profile because the place is guarded by guards. Keep yourself close to Auden and away from the guards. Then you don’t have to worry about anything. Keep following Auden unless you reach her room. Once you are there, examine the painting hanging on the wall and the journal sitting on the desk. After talking to Auden, you will be given an objective to retrieve a book about the Torana from a guild outside Cipal.

Roaming Through Cipal
After resting in the nearby bed, you are on your way to help Auden’s father journal. Now you can explore the Cipal, roam the area, and interact with people who will provide you with helpful information regarding the city. Interacting with these people will also grant you some XP, and you will also notice a question mark sign on these players.

From that point, find a cat north of the primary quest marker. It is an icon that looks like the letter iĀ and can be spotted easily on the map. Now keep following the cat, leading you to Poppet (A rare item in the game). It is a side-quest in Forspoken. These side-quests grant you many unique items to help you complete the journey.

Now head to the quest marker, located in the southerly part of the city. You will need an Apple to exchange it for opening the closed city gates. At this point, follow Olevia to Finder’s Keepers. You will be introduced to the game’s crafting and upgrading mechanics. Once you finish crafting and upgrading, it is time to leave Cipal using nearby scaffolding.

Outskirts of Cipal
Once you are outside Cipal, you will encounter many Breakzombies. Taking them out is relatively easy. After dealing with the zombies, you will come to a location known as Mulberry Fount. Frey will learn the Leap Spell by jumping in. Leap Spell is used to climb over nearby walls.

As you continue toward your journey, things start to open up. Now head to Barren Plains Refuge, which will unlock a fast-travel location. Now head to Xenos Guild by using fast-travel. Here you will encounter different things like:

  • Mutants
  • Point of Interest
  • Monument of Love
  • Locked Labyrinth

Xenos Guild
Xenos Guild is like other points of interest, but this one is considered to be important to the story. Inside the guild, make your way to the top floor and use your Cuff Scans to examine books and chests around the area. Once on the top floor, you find that Auden’s father has been alive all this time. After heading outside, you will be greeted by a group of Errant Knights.

Defeating The Errant Knights
These Knights have a max health of 450, experience is 18, and their weakness is Olas’s Magic. You can’t attack them from the front, as they have shields to protect themselves. So your best bet is to use Flow to quickly get behind the enemies and pelt them with spells.

This is the best way to defeat these Knights, and there is no need to worry about their ranged attack. After defeating the Errant Knights, return to Cipal. To progress the story, go to The Blessed Plains outside Cipal. At this point, you can explore the area to get a decent amount of Mana.

Head through the city gate and follow the marker toward the city square. Frey will see that Tanta Sila is threatening Auden, who helped Frey escape jail. Now it is time to return the favor, follow the instructions given to them and sneak up behind Tanta Sila to rescue Auden. Now after a cutscene, you will have to fight The Recreant Knight.

Taking Down The Recreant Knight
The Recreant Knight’s attacks can be very dangerous and inflict much damage. The max health of The Recreant Knight is 3000, experience is 48, and weakness is Prav’s Magic. To take down the Recreant Knight, you must hit it with a storm of spells. Don’t forget to use Support Magic often as they are able.

This Knight can fly in the air and target one of its wings while flying in the air. Attacking its wings will ground the enemy, and then taking it off will be easy by casting spells on it. If you use Flow to Damage, taking this Knight down won’t be a problem.

Once you have defeated the Recreant Knight, get ready for more cutscenes. People of Cipal will not come to a definitive conclusion, though. Frey will swear to get revenge on Tanta Silva, and Chapter 3 of Forspoken will end.

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