In Forspoken, after concluding Chapter 1 (Attachments), you will embark on a thrilling journey into Chapter 2 (Stuck). You’ll take your first steps in Athia as you learn more about its magical elements and fight exciting battles. Prepare yourself for a wondrous world that is full of surprises. Depending on your skill level and how you choose to play, Chapter 2 of the game should take an estimated 40 minutes. This doesn’t include any optional activities or exploration which are not required to move forward with the chapter’s story.

The Ruined Castle

Now that you’ve arrived at chapter two, your journey will commence with a visit to the Ruined Castle. Located deep in an unfamiliar land, the Cuff will introduce you to your mission: explore this castle and take the pathway on its right side leading down to a ladder that needs climbing.

As you descend the staircase in the decrepit hall, an automatic cutscene will commence, and a giant dragon materializes before your eyes. To protect yourselves, the Cuff will suggest you flee the castle before the dragon returns. So make your way out and follow a path that leads towards safety, and if you don’t know where to go, press Up on the D-pad to activate its directional compass.

Junoon Region

As you bolt away from the castle and traverse the path close to its gate, you land in a realm known as Junoon. Here awaits your debut test of wit against Limnocyon – an adventure that will define your future success. To conquer Limnocyon, a mutated fox-like creature, use your spells and activate them by pressing the Right Trigger on Xbox or R2 Button on PlayStation. Press R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox to access the spell wheel. This will allow you to quickly and easily switch up your spells.

After you’ve taken out Limnocyon, start exploring the neighboring area; this will lead you to face and defeat other enemies, granting you bonus experience points and additional collectibles. Remember to look around abandoned buildings for chests of hidden treasure as well! Then follow your quest marker until you reach a stone bridge where Cuff Scans are located. To use the Cuff Scans, press up on the D-pad – feel free to do so as many times as desired.

During your exploration, you will find chests containing rewards. Afterward, proceed straight ahead and encounter a pack of wolf-like creatures called the Canis Dirus. It won’t be able to withstand even your most basic spells! If it doesn’t stay within your sights, press the right analog once to lock onto its target. Once defeated, deactivate by pressing the right analog again.

How To Beat The Chapalania

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After you have conquered Canis Dirus, do not breathe a sigh of relief; the Chapalania mini-boss is up next. This fierce creature looks like an enormous bear, so hold onto your hats and prepare to fight. Until now, this mini-boss has proven to be a dangerous opponent that must be taken down in Chapter 2. To succeed against the Chapalania, you must dodge its attack and strike it back. Through this battle, you will gain some new magical techniques like Killer Blows, which are incredibly helpful when your Healing Draughts become scarce! You can also use Surge Magic to throw rock vines at enemies and take them down.

Escaping the Arctodus

Upon defeating Chapalania, Frey’s ability to use Flow Magic will be revealed. This magical technique allows them to climb any structure with no effort at all effortlessly! Now she can traverse the world of magic parkour like never before. Although it might seem counterintuitive, a trio of Arctodus appeared and challenged her when she unlocked this technique. Though not mandatory to defeat them, the extra EXP points earned by triumphing make taking on the challenge more than worth it.

Looking to outsmart the Arctodus? Press Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox when they come after you and reach a wall. Explore the quest market area and find a closed door hidden in it. On your Right, there’s junk that can help you climb up the wall – use it as a ladder to quickly get into The Abandoned Village.

The Abandoned Village

As you journey through the Abandoned Village, numerous chests can be found. Unfortunately, these chests are usually empty and offer little value. Instead, if you follow the markers on your map that point to Healing items and Forspoken lore pieces – both of which will aid in your quest for safety – it’s best to collect those before taking a break from adventuring. Once rested up, an ominous sound may wake you; this is where following the quest marker becomes essential.

How to Beat the Dragon

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Once you set foot in the courtyard, you will encounter a more powerful dragon than any enemy before it. However, by using dodging and attacking techniques, you can still defeat it. To gain an advantage in battle, aim for the fiery patch on the Dragon’s chest – but be aware that this will require precise timing to stagger your opponent.

As the Dragon’s health reaches its limit, a cutscene is triggered, and you are taken to a new area. Unfortunately, exploration of this space is prohibited – instead, players must follow quest markers while using Cuff Scans to uncover hidden chests. Before long, you will meet with the Dragon again, but by this point, it can be quickly disposed of with only a few hits.

The City of Cipal

Once the cutscene ends, you will be back in control of Frey. A left turn on the rocky cliffside will lead to an undesired teleportation location. For your journey to continue onward and upward, make sure that you stick with the path around toward its right side instead!

After the cutscene, you will regain control of Frey. As she is on the rocky cliffside, If you head left, it will take you to an unexpected teleportation destination against your wishes. To continue your journey in the right direction, follow the path to the right side instead. As you traverse this journey, you will encounter the Frey being held captive by a nameless knight. Move forward, and an array of cutscenes await! Afterward, Chapter 2 (Stuck) concludes here.

That’s the end of Chapter 2; we will see you in Chapter 3. In the meantime, here are some guides to help with other aspects of Forspoken:

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