Before embarking on their journey in Forspoken, players will receive an insightful tutorial that outlines the main character Frey and how to control her. This captivating action-adventure game will surely deliver a thrilling experience for all its fans. The primary chapter of Forspoken, aptly named “Attachments,” starts slowly but soon becomes incredibly exciting. Depending on your playing style and difficulty settings, its length may vary, but it typically lasts about 25 minutes. Forspoken Chapter 1 is unique because it lacks unnecessary side quests and collectibles. In this guide, I’ll provide an in-depth walkthrough of the entire chapter so you can maximize your experience.

The Court Hearing

The beginning of your adventure in Forspoken starts at court, where you’ve been summoned for a hearing. You stand before the prosecutor as Frey presents their case. As you go through the paperwork on your desk, allow yourself to be transported back in time and feel a sense of nostalgia.

As you read each document and gain insight into the past, a cutscene will commence, and the prosecutor will deliver their rebuke before rendering their ruling. In an instant, you’ll find yourself immersed in New York City.

The Streets of Hell’s Kitchen

If you wander away from the designated route outside the courthouse, don’t worry! Just look for your quest marker and follow it to get back on track. Aimlessly exploring the area would be a good use of your time. Follow the marker, and you’ll likely stumble upon dangerous thugs, and You may believe that your only chance to escape is by relying on your Frey parkour skills. Despite being outside of your control, you must embrace the current situation to reach success. By going with the flow and not trying to fight against it, you can make it to a safe place – however, if you don’t act fast enough, then unfortunately, failure awaits.

To stay ahead of the thugs and enter Frey’s apartment undetected, press and hold X on your PlayStation or A Button if you are an Xbox player. Afterward, run through several other alleys to dodge any pursuers before finally accessing their abode via a fire escape ladder. To unlock the door, press △ PlayStation or Y on Xbox.

Frey’s Apartment

When you enter the apartment, your mission will be adapted: locate Homer Cat. A copy of Alice in Wonderland can be found on the table, while cat food is available at the kitchen counter. To your left, when standing near the bedroom door, stands a shelf harboring sneakers, and its opposite corner features an unmarked shoebox. Scour through drawers -hidden behind closed doors- for any cash stored away before locating Homer, who should already be exiting his room.

After you find the cat, Frey wants to nap and wake up shortly, only to find that her apartment has become Arden. Although it would have been simple for her to grab the money bag, she only accepted if Homer was also found. Fortunately, when she searched under the kitchen counter, the cat was safe while the bedroom behind them roaring fire consuming its contents – including their bag full of cash. Desperate times called for desperate measures; Frey improvised by sliding a mattress down through the window below so they could escape unharmed.

The Mysterious Cuff

Frey felt like she had nothing to lose, so the only option was to present Homer before Judge Bird. She quickly moved into the darkness of nightfall and contemplated what would come next. Eventually, Frey discovered herself atop a neon sign in an unfamiliar cityscape; when its luminescence became strange and surreal, it guided her toward a dilapidated building below her feet. After regaining consciousness, the protagonist must ascend a ladder to peek through the window of an adjacent building. Through this pane, she will be met with a captivating vision – mysterious golden cuffs placed neatly atop a table.

Head to the right window and locate the dumpster, which should allow you access to climb up into the building. Upon entry, open the door on top of that floor and make your way in. Walk down a flight of stairs until you come across Cluff – press △ on PlayStation or Y on Xbox for a cutscene; when it concludes, Chapter 1 is finished! Don’t forget to save before moving on to chapter 2 (Stuck).

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