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Forspoken Blue Magic (Tanta Prav) Spells Guide


Forspoken gameplay involves magic as a fighting/defensive mechanic. Magic itself has been divided into four different categories: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple magic. Some moves require a charge-up time, while some are infinite and require no build-up. This guide will go through all Blue Magic Spells and how they work in Forposken.

All Blue Magic Spells and How They Work

Also known as Tanta Prav’s Magic, Blue Magic is based on water. This one looks and feels the best out of the four types of magic.

Blue Magic Offensive Spells

Bolt: Shoots a ball of water that can be shot with a charged attack. The ball of water vanishes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Fan Bolt (Lvl 1-3): Fires several arrows joined together with magic. The arrows deal damage within an AoE. With each increasing level, the damage output increases.

Chain Bolt (Lvl 1-3): Fires an arrow when charged and another upon release. Massive amounts of damage can be done if both of the arrows strike the same place. With each increasing level, Chain Bolt damage output increases; in some cases, the enemy can be paralyzed.

Cluster Bolt (Lvl 1-3): Fires an arrow that disintegrates mid-air to release shards that deal damage within an AoE. With each increasing level, the AoE range and the damage will increase.

Blue Magic Defensive Spells

Maelstrom: Summons a wall of water to protect against ranged attacks.

Eagre: Creates a wide water barrier sending enemies flying.

Naedre: Send a poisonous snake made of water towards an enemy to deal poison damage.

Ablution: Creates rainfall which cleans Frey of any status effects slowing down her stamina recovery.

Inundation: Heightens the senses increasing chances of a critical hit.

Oubliette: Traps the enemies in a gigantic ball of water. The ball explodes when struck, dealing damage to an entire area.

Cataract (Lvl 1-3): Creates a watery vortex to suck enemies. You can hold the attack button when the spell is leveled up, and the vortex can branch out into smaller watery arms to inflict damage on even more enemies.

Miscellaneous Blue Magic Spells

Alb: Reduces the damage taken from unblockable attacks.

Fortify: Cloak or Necklace significantly increases defense.

Up and Away: Unleashes attacks while Frey leaps high in the air while replenishing the supply of projectiles.

Parkour Spells

Glide: Allows you to skim over water by manipulating gravity.

Float: Softens up any fall by manipulating gravity. Perfect for making your way down from a high point very quickly.

That’s all you need to know about the Blue Magic spells, aka Tanta Prav Spells in Forspoken. Stay tuned for more Forspoken content!

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