The high-stakes competition between Twitch streamers Forsen and xQc has reached new heights as they continue to face off in the world of Minecraft speedrunning. As one of the most popular games known for its endless possibilities in building and exploration, Minecraft has also carved a niche in the speedrunning arena, with players racing to complete the game in record time.

The latest chapter in this ongoing rivalry has seen Forsen dethrone xQc to once again claim the Minecraft speedrun title with an astonishing new record.

Earlier in January, xQc had set the bar high by completing Minecraft in just 20:05.651, a blazing-fast time that outpaced Forsen’s previous record by around 32 seconds. However, after weeks of diligent practice, Forsen has returned to the top spot.

xQc’s response to Forsen’s Record

In an awe-inspiring performance, Forsen managed to finish the game in a little over 18 minutes, showcasing an incredible improvement in his speedrunning skills.

The record-breaking run was shared on Twitch through a video, and a clip of the triumphant moment quickly gained traction among fans who delighted in the streamer’s jubilant celebration.

As the battle for Minecraft supremacy between Forsen and xQc continues to unfold, spectators eagerly await the next development in this exhilarating rivalry.

Will xQc respond with a new record of his own, or has Forsen solidified his place at the top of the Minecraft speedrunning world? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the competition between these two Twitch giants is pushing the limits of what is possible in the realm of Minecraft speedruns.

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