Forge Ahead is a blacksmith idle game that has been recently released on iOS and Android. The main objective of the game is to create your own swords from ores. In this guide, we will include cheats, tips and tricks on how to create the best swords in Forge Ahead. We will also discuss different types of ores used to make different rarities of swords.


Forge Ahead Cheats, Tips and Tricks

The following is what you need to know about Forge Ahead:

How To Make Swords

Firstly let us discuss how swords can be created in the game. Swords require minerals or ores which can be acquired from breaking raw stones. Add four minerals into the Crucible and start the smelting process. Tap the Crucible so that the ore melts and after that pour it into the mold.

Forge Ahead Cheats

Wait for the material to cool off and after that mold it into the perfect shape. Hammer the orange glowy spots on the sword to make the perfect shape. With this, the process of making the sword comes to an end. The better the minerals used the better the rarity of the sword will be.

What Can You Upgrade?

Your starting forge won’t last long and you will have to upgrade it sooner or later. In the upgrades, there are quite a few things you can upgrade. You can upgrade your pickaxe by increasing it’s power or mining speed. Both upgrades will make your work way more efficient.

Forge Ahead Hammer

Moving on you can also upgrade the Crucible. By upgrading its capacity it will hold more ores thus leading to better weapons being created. You can upgrade your hammer’s power or speed to make the process more efficient. You can upgrade the molds so that they become more expensive this leading to better weapons being created.

Selling or Scraping

The next thing is deciding which swords to sell and which swords to scrap. Basically how the mechanic in the works is that your swords will stay on the rack and you will earn coins this way. Obviously, you can’t put every weapon on the rack as it might not have that much space.

In this situation, you can scrap some weapons for extra coins. If it so happens that a knight visits you and makes an order then completing that order will give you extra coins. Selling is a viable option to earn quick gold.

There are quite a few types of ores in the game:

  • Black – Steel
  • Light Gray – Tin
  • Blue – Mithril
  • Sky Blue – Iron
  • Orange – Copper
  • Faded White/Blue – Silver
  • Yellow – Gold
  • Pure White – Diamond

The better the ores used in the process the better the final result aka the swords will be. As this is a mobile game so there will be ads in it. We know watching them sometimes is a waste of time but in this game, it isn’t.

After quite a few upgrades you will have to see an advertisement to unlock the next upgrade so you will have to watch the ad. Don’t worry as the updates are worth it.

Finally, keep making swords so that you generate money from rack weapons and if any weapon gets sold then you can add another to the rack.

That is all for our Forge Ahead Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Selling and Scrapping guide. If you are interested in other mobile games then you can check out our guide for G.I Joe: War on Cobra.