Where to Find All Forager Secret Rooms – Secret Finder and Enlightened Guide

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You can find a total of 14 Secret Rooms in Forager. Inside these well-hidden Secret Rooms, you’ll find plenty of loot – usually small Treasure Chests that contain Gems. Apart from that, locating all the Forager Secret Rooms will net you 2 Achievements named “Secret Finder” and “Enlightened”. In this Secret Rooms Locations Guide, we’ve outlined the locations of all hidden rooms in the game.

Forager Secret Rooms

Before we begin, it’s important to note all the Secret Rooms in Forager are behind breakable walls in dungeons and Wizard’s Tower. Therefore, keep a close eye on cracked sprites in the walls while exploring the aforementioned areas. Once located, you can toss almost anything with AOE damage to break them open and head in. However, there are some exceptions to this.

Weapons that don’t work while trying to access Secret Rooms include Necro Rod, Pickaxe, Shovel, Bows, and Swords. With that out of the way, here are the locations of all 14 Secret Rooms in Forager. Images courtesy of Atherim. Right-click and open image in new tab for full size.

Secret RoomsAreaLocationImage
Secret Room #1Ancient TombJust as you enter the Ancient Tomb, take a look at your right-hand side to spot it.
Secret Room #1
Secret Room #2Ancient TombAfter getting the Thunder Rod, backtrack a little and find the large room.
Secret Room #2
Secret Room #3Ancient TombAs soon as you locate the Patrolling Shockers, look directly above them to find the Secret Room.
Secret Room #3
Secret Room #4Skull MazeImmediately after entering the Skull Maze, head right and straight down in order to find it.
Secret Room #4
Secret Room #5Skull MazeAfter you go through the large room with 5 braziers lit, continue ahead to find the next Secret Room.
Secret Room #5
Secret Room #6Skull MazeFrom the previous Secret Room, continue ahead and you’ll find it. If you’ve acquired the Necro Rod, you’ve come too far.
Secret Room #6
Secret Room #7Fire TempleThe bottom-right corner of the large double room contains this Secret Room.
Secret Room #7
Secret Room #8Fire TempleYou’ll find this Secret Room located directly below the room with 6 light switches.
Secret Room #8
Secret Room #9Fire TempleImmediately after finding the White Skull Key, look directly above in order to spot the Secret Room.
Secret Room #9
Secret Room #10Fire TempleOnce you get to the temple with blocked access due to vines, head right in order to find it. Do note that this is before you get your hands on the Blue Skull Key.
Secret Room #10
Secret Room #11Crystal CaveThe room on the bottom-left corner. As simple as it can get!
Secret Room #11
Secret Room #12Crystal CaveThe room on the top-left corner.
Secret Room #12
Secret Room #13Crystal CaveThis Secret Room is directly below the Ice Rod.
Secret Room #13
Secret Room #14Wizard’s TowerYou’ll find the final Secret Room inside Wizard’s Tower.
Secret Room #14

Hope this helped you locate all the Secret Rooms and earn 100% completion rate. For more on Forager, be sure to check our other guides.


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