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For The King 2: How To Trade Items With Other Characters


Trading items between characters in For The King 2 is a crucial aspect of managing your party and ensuring that each member has the best gear and items necessary for the game.

Before trading can occur, characters need to be within proximity of each other. The characters must be on the same or adjacent hexes on the game map. Some players have reported being able to trade from two spaces away if the terrain is flat and open, allowing for easier exchanges​​.

How To Start A Trade

  1. Party Proximity: Ensure that the characters you want to trade between are near each other—either on the same hex or within one hex’s distance​​.
  2. Inventory Management: Open one character’s inventory, and clicking on an item or gold will present you with trade options. This can be done when the characters are close enough to interact with each other​​.

The trade options become available in the character’s submenu when they are in proximity. From there, players can select which items, equipment, or gold to trade between characters.

It’s essential to consider the roles and needs of each character when trading. For example, characters with specific skills might benefit from certain items that enhance those abilities. Similarly, if a character is meant to be a tank or damage absorber, ensure they are equipped with items that boost their defense or health.

Trading Considerations

Item trading in “For The King 2” is a straightforward process that can significantly impact your party’s effectiveness. By ensuring characters are close enough to trade and considering each member’s unique needs, your party can be better equipped to face the perils of the game. Always remember to keep an eye on your inventory and be ready to trade when the situation calls for it.

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