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For The King 2: How To Remove Curses Easily

Curses in “For The King 2” are persistent afflictions that can severely impact your party’s abilities. Understanding how to remove these curses is essential to maintaining your party’s strength and ensuring their survival through the game’s challenges. There are different types of curses in For The King 2 but the process of removing them remain similar.

There are seven distinct curses that can be inflicted on characters:

  • Blind reduces Awareness.
  • Clumsy diminishes Talent.
  • Unlucky impacts Luck.
  • Unwell affects Vitality.
  • Feeble lessens Strength.
  • Foolish decreases Intelligence.
  • Lethargic slows Speed.

Each curse applies a -25 penalty to the respective stat, which can be particularly devastating for characters with already low stats or those built as “glass cannons”​​.

How To Remove All Curses In For The King 2

The most accessible way to remove curses is by visiting a priest in the nearest town. The service generally costs around 30 gold to remove all curses from a single character. Therefore, if multiple party members are cursed, you’ll need to ensure you have enough gold to cleanse each one​​.

Another way to rid your characters of curses is by using specific items found in the game world:

  • Hag’s Bane: This uncommon herb can remove all curses from a character.
  • Precious Pearl: A rare item that also has the power to eliminate curses. These items can sometimes be found by defeating enemies, in treasure chests, or occasionally in town shops. Their rarity makes them less reliable as a primary means of curse removal, but they are valuable in situations where you cannot access a priest​​​​.

Equipping items that provide immunity to curses will not remove existing curses.

Curses do not wear off after combat and require active removal. A resurrected player will no longer have any prior curses​​.

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