Football Manager games are all about tactics and management and Football Manager 2021 is no exception. Gamers can have the best players in Football Manager 2021 but, without tactics even they can’t score a win. In this Football Manager 2021 Guide, I will help players with how to import custom Tactics in the game.

How To Import Custom Tactis In Football Manager 2021

Creating custom tactics for Football Manager 2021 isn’t an easy task and not every player is able to do it. Alternatively, players can use user-created tactics and there are a lot of them as the FM community loves to share. All players have to do is find the tactic that best suits them and download it to their PC. Here is how to import custom tactics to the game.

First, download the tactic you want to import to Football Manager 2021. Players can find user created tactics at FM Scout, Sortitoutsi, and Passion4fm. Download the tactic you like. Now, players have to import the downloaded tactic to Football Manager 2021.

Go to the Documents folder and navigate to Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021. There will be a Tactics folder here and if it isn’t, then create one by launching the game then start a new game and save it. Now, right-click the files you downloaded for the custom Tactic and cut and paste them into the Tactics folder.

After that, launch the game and load your save. Open the Tactics tab in the menu on the left side and scroll down until you see the “Load Tactic” option. Click it and a small screen will pop up and the custom tactic your imported will be here. Select it and press Load and this will import the custom tactic to the game.

If players have already created a tactic, they can add more. This can be done through the Tactics screen by pressing the “+” symbol then click Load and the same screen will pop up as before. Load the tactic and it’ll be imported to the game.

That is all for our Football Manager 2021 Guides on how to import custom tactics. For more on the game, also see our How To Install Custom Skins Guide.

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