Every club has a proper scouting department and you are going to need one too if you are planning on being the best in Football Manager 2020. Scouts track offers on the transfer market and provide reports related to the best players. In this Football Manager 2020 scouting guide, we are going to go over which scouts you should hire, their tasks and how you search the database.

How Scouting Works In Football Manager 2020

The following is what you need to know about scouting in the game:

What Scouts Should You Hire In Football Manager 2020

Getting the right scouts can help you get the best players. When picking scouts pay close attention to the knowledge that they have as well as their attributes. Other things that you should keep an eye on is assessment of player skills and assessment of player potential.

You should pick scouts that have tactical knowledge. This will ensure that you have reliable and professional reports for decision making.

Assigning Tasks To Scouts

When you have got good scouts, you can give them tasks to do. You can find out which players you are interested in, their position on the field, age and attributes. You can give this information to the scouts and they will find players that best suit the criteria. It does take them a while to do so but you will get the information and reports that you need.

Searching The Database For Specific Players

If you have a proper scouting network then you will be able to find players from a large database and get the specific players that you want. Choose the parameters and attributes and wait for the results. This will help you find that players with the attributes and characteristics that you are looking for.

That is all for our Football Manager 2020 scouting guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guides on the best goalkeepers in the game and how transfers work.