Football Manager 2020 Best Goalkeepers Guide – Best Young Talent, Low Price

Football Manager 2020 Best Goalkeepers

Money is often an issue in Football Manager 2020 so you may not always have enough to sign the most tried and tested high-profile Goalkeepers, strikers, and more. However, there is plenty of young talent that can boost your winning chances and add a spark to your team chemistry. Getting the most world-class players doesn’t always mean getting the most expensive and most experienced ones. Young talent can often prove to be most valuable, only if you know where to spend your money, what players to get. In our guide today we will share with you the best Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2020.

Best Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2020

There are a handful of goalkeepers on our wonderkids list that are worth spending your money on. Even if you can’t get them right now, keep an eye on them in Football Manager 2020. Here are the best young goalkeepers in Football Manager 2020.

Alban Lafont

If you are looking for one of the best young talents in Football Manager 2020, Albal Lafont is a good 20-year old French goalkeeper. He is pretty popular around Europe and for a young player, he still has a lot of experience. Lafont was a starter for Ligue 1 for Toulouse and he was a part of Fiorentina. At the start of the game, usually, you will find that Lafont is on loan at Nantes. You can wait for his return and grab him as soon as the opportunity occurs. You can turn him into the best goalkeeper in the world in Football Manager 2020.

Alexander Nubel

Nubel is a goalkeeper that has already made himself a place on Schalke’s first team. Nubel is already one of the best goalkeepers from Europe in the Football Manager 2020. His keeping skills are just one thing, he is a great leader as well.

Alex Meret

Meret is a great goalkeeper and Napoli spent a lot of money on him. If you are looking for a long-term signing, Alex Meret is your man.

The 22-year old Italian Goalkeeper is the perfect pick for your squad in Football Manager 2020. Meret was an impressive goalkeeper in Football Manager 19 and this year he is even better.

Lucas Chevalier

The 17-year old French player has a lot of talent and he is of very low value which means you can grab him for cheap.

You will see that so many other clubs are interested in him which is a clear sign of how talented he is. Big clubs like Manchester United are interested in him as well.

Luca Unbehaun

His stats are extremely promising but he is also of low value so you sign him for a low price. If you are a smaller club you can probably have him on-board on loan but definitely keep an eye on him for the future.

Alessandro Plezari

The 20-year old AC Milan is a great goalkeeper in Football Manager 20. Plezari is a highly talented keeper and has a bright future ahead. His stats are promising and his price is affordable.

These were the best young goalkeepers in Football Manager 20. If you need more help with the game check out our best formations guide.