Error WS-37505-0 is quickly becoming one of the most common problems in Overwatch 2. This guide will identify the root cause and discuss different methods to fix it. After researching the matter, we narrowed it down to the issue’s core to a few possible causes. This error is not related to the game per se and is delivered as an alert message on the main screen titled “Error WS-37505-0”, which means the connection between the servers and your gaming system.

How to Fix Error WS375050

First of all, it might be that your Internet Service Provider has posed some restrictions on your network. In this case, you’ll need to contact them for details. Besides that, it could be an issue with your DNS. Or perhaps, the problem stems from the server itself, and the internet connection is not at fault. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: they are solvable.

Fix #1: Adjust the DNS Settings

As hard as it looks, setting up a DNS for your PlayStation would be a great option to resolve the issue in minutes. Start by opening your main network settings by clicking ‘O’. Click on ‘Setup internet connection.’ This will allow you to choose between Lan connection or a Network (via wifi) connection. Then, get to your IP address page by clicking on Custom prompt.

Once done, click on Automatic from the three options in front of you, and then click on Do not specify on DHCP Host Name settings. Once you do so, you’ll be made to choose between two options:

  1. Primary DNS with its code
  2. Secondary DNS with its code

After selecting the appropriate one, click on Next. Then, click on Do Not Use for Proxy Server, and you’re good to go. As the procedure completes, restart the PS4 and check whether the problem remains. If it does, try the next fix we’ve got for you.

Pro Tip: Use NordVPN to easily fix server issues by switching between multiple regions. You can connect to the best servers worldwide and remove DNS issues across the board.

Fix #2: Check Your Network Connection

Due to server issues, error WS375050 may occur occasionally. In such a case, scroll up your main screen on PS4 and open settings. Then, head over to the Network section. Then, go ahead and click on Test Internet connection. Once done, a screen will appear in front of you, displaying the different tests it is going through to verify your internet connection. Make sure the following tests clear out:

  • Obtaining IP address
  • Internet Connection
  • PSN sign-in
  • NAT type
  • Connection speed

After the check-up completes, you’ll be sure whether an internet connection exists or not and where. Using this confirmation in your mind, move towards the fix we’ve provided below to rectify the issue at hand.

Fix #3: Try a New WiFi Network

It may seem silly and irrelevant, but this fix might work out for your issue. There is a good chance of a problem with the specific Wifi network you are connected to. So, try connecting to different wifi in your surrounding and see what happens. You can even try hotspots from your hand devices and mobile phones. If that doesn’t work, try contacting your internet service provider to get further help.

Fix #4: Check the Official Twitter Account

The most reliable way to check your issue is to visit the official Twitter account for Overwatch 2, where they post every detail and news related to updates and bug fixes. Their management team and developers will report during and after every maintenance, they work on.

Fix #5: Look Out for Updates

Usually, PlayStation runs like a well-oiled machine, always notifying you about any available software updates, updating in its own time. Nevertheless, it’s always good to check anyway. So, go ahead and look at your system update option by clicking on the settings and start any pending updates.

Though this error may seem annoying initially, it can usually be solved using the aforementioned fixes. If you have more fixes for our readers, leave them in the comments below.

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