High ping and connectivity issues can be very frustrating when playing online competitive games such as Valorant. In this guide, we are going to walk you through how you can fix high ping and connectivity issues in Valorant.


High Ping And Connectivity Issues In Valorant

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the use of the internet significantly and there is little that you can do in order to improve things. The following are the tweaks that you can make in order to fix high ping issues when playing Valorant.

Upgrade your internet plan

If your internet plan is not good enough then you can look into upgrading your internet plan.


Optimize your router settings

Change your router settings in order to get a better ping.

Limit the number of active connections on your network

If multiple people are using the same internet connection in your house then you can limit the number of active connections on your network when you are playing the game.


Set Valorant to “high priority”

You can set Valorant to high priority in the Task Manager.

Restrict background applications and downloads

Check the applications that are running in the background. Close the programs that you do not need. Check if any programs are downloading updates and close them while you are playing Valorant.


High Ping Valorant

Fixing Connectivity Issues

If you have facing problems connecting to the game then there are a couple of things that you can do at your end.

Reset your router

Try resetting your router and trying to connect to the game.

Exit the game and try again

Try restarting the game and trying to connect.

Reset your PC and try again

Try to start your PC and connecting to the game.

Wait for server maintenance or issues to end

If there are server issues or maintenance then you should wait for that to end before trying to connect to the game.

Check up on relevant social media channels for server information

At times the servers can be down or there can be other issues. You can check the server status page and Twitter page to stay up to date regarding such matters.

Make sure your game is fully up-to-date

Make sure that the game is up to date. If not then you should update it before trying to connect again.

This is how you can fix high ping and connectivity issues in Valorant. If these fixes do not work then there is nothing much that you can do.

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