During one of the main missions in Stray, you will need to fix a broken tracker to help Seamus track his lost father. This can be tricky and you will need to explore the slums in order to do so. In this Stray guide, we are going to walk you through how you can fix the broken tracker.

Fix Broken Tracker In Stray

In chapter six, once you have met with Momo, you will be asked to talk to Seamus. This is the part of the game where you need to fix the tracker but only Elliot can fix it. If you have been exploring, chances are that you have encountered Elliot but he does not have much to say.

When leaving Elliot Programming turn right and proceed ahead and you will come across grandma Clothing. Grandma will offer a Poncho but in order to make one, she needs some Electric Cable. You can find some at the merchant Azooz in the marketplace. The exact location is down the stairs to the right from Guardian. He will ask for Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable.

Where To Find Super Spirit Detergent In Stray

To find the Super Spirit Detergent you need to go back to the bar with the neon sign. This is where you meet Momo. Head over to the rooftops and you will see a pair of bots throwing paint at one another. Interact with the robot and a meow prompt will pop up. Time the meow right and a can of paint will fall onto the street below.

This will create a mess that will upset the laundry business owner below. As the laundry owner is busy cleaning up the mess, you can sneak inside and get the Super Spirit Detergent which is on the table on your left when you head in.

How To Get Electric Cable In Stray

Once you have the Super Spirit Detergent, you can take it to Azooz the merchant in the marketplace, and exchange it for the Electric Cable.

How To Keep Elliot Warm

Now that you have the electric cable, you can take it to Grandma and she will knit you a Poncho that you can take to Elliot. Once he tries it on he will like it and will fix your broken tracker.

This is how you can fix the broken tracker in Stray. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how to open the safe in the slums. For more content, check our Stray guides hub.

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