There are more than a few activities in Fire Emblem Three Houses in which you can participate in. Each of the Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Days Activities grants you specific rewards that will help you in gameplay.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Days Activities

Here I will explain each of the Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Days Activities, how to unlock them, how to participate and compete, and what rewards you will earn from each of these activities.


In your free time in Fire Emblem Three Houses you can visit the dining hall to join students and faculty members. There are two dining events in which you can participate, Today’s Special and Full Menu.

Today’s Special has specific conditions that need to be fulfilled. On the other hand, Full Menu is a standard dining event. To participate in either of the dining events in Fire Emblem Three Houses, just talk to the Dining staff NPC in the dining hall.

Today’s Special

As I mentioned earlier, Today’s Special has specific conditions in order to participate like having one student or a faculty member dine with Byleth. Fulfill the requirement and you will be allowed to participate in Today’s Special dining event.

This event results in a better relationship with the ones that you chose to take with you. Also, no ingredients are required for this dining event.

Full Menu

In this dining event, you don’t need to fulfill any specific requirements. Just have the ingredients for the chosen meal and select with whom you want to dine with.

You can choose students to boost their morals, especially, the ones who are low on motivation. However, the bonds and motivation gains will be lower compared to Today’s Special.

Tea Party

This particular Free Day activity in Fire Emblem Three Houses requires you to celebrate birthdays in the monastery. Not only that, you need to select the proper topic of conversation for the character whose birthday you are celebrating.

Once the activity is done, you’ll receive support boost and possibly charm, it depends on your performance in the activity. But first, you need to unlock the activity.

How To Unlock the Tea Party

To unlock this activity, you need to complete a quest during the Blue Sea Moon. The following are the guidelines on how to acquire the quest and complete it.

Go to the stables.
Talk to Ferdinand and accept the quest.
Deliver the Elegant Tea set.

Complete the quest and you’ll unlock Tea Party event and you just need to host it.

How To Host Tea Party

To host the Tea Party event, you need to gather ingredients like fetching tea leaves. There are different types of tea, each suitable for a certain character and the ingredients can be acquired by completing quests, purchasing from merchants or exploring the monastery.

Tea Grade
Bergamot Highly favored by the nobility.
Sweet-Apple Blend 2 Favored by common folk and nobles alike.
Almyran Pine Needles Has a distinct earthy tone.
Albinean Berry Blend The sweet, relaxing scent is popular among many.
Southern Fruit Blend Has intoxicatingly strong bright notes.
Rose Petal Blend A classic floral blend often enjoyed among Kingdom and Alliance nobles.
Mint Leaves Revitalizes and refreshes all
Crescent-Moon Tea It has a soft and subtle flavor akin to the gentle light of the moon.
Dagda Fruit Blend A stark bitter fruit from Dagda makes this black tea particularly pungent. Connoisseurs enjoy its unique flavor.
Almond blend A refined nutty tea that is blended with leaves and thinly sliced almonds.
Honeyed-Fruit Blend For anyone with a sweet tooth, this tea can’t be beat.
Cinnamon Blend Its unique taste appeals to similarly unique people.
Seiros Tea A black tea common to the south of Almyra, it is fairly basic in its flavors.
Ginger Tea 2 The sharp spiciness of ginger laces the body of this tea, unforgettable and brightening.
Angelica Tea A cleaning herbal tea blended with angelica.
Lavender Blend Tiny dried purple lavandula flowers are sprinkled into this refreshing floral tea.
Chamomile A stark white floral tea with bright notes, this blend calms the nerves and heightens concentration.
Hresvelg Blend Its refined flavor brings sheer bliss.
Leicester Cortania A specialty tea from the Alliance blended with a variety of leaves from the east.
Tea of the Saints Even commoners have tried this cost-efficient tea, which is a mixture of the herbs. It’s a tad bitter.

Once you have decided the flavor, gather the ingredients, it’s time to host the Tea Party. During the party, you’ll have three chances to speak and you need to choose the corret answer for support boost. Two wrong answers and the guest will lost interest and party will just end there.

However, if you choose the right answers all three times, you’ll have a fourth chance. Again, you need to choose the right topic of conversation. Once the tea party ends, you and the guest will support boost and charm depending on your performance. Even if you fail, you’ll get some support boost and charm.

Perfect Tea Party Bonus

If you manage to entertain the guest you’ll get two additional features: “Changing the Camera Angle” and “Giving A Gift”.

Even if you have given a gift to the guest during the party, you can send an additional gift. This will result in you earning support boost easily. However, changing the camera angle grants no support boost or charm.


Fishing is another free time activity in Fire Emblem Three Houses. You can catch fish used in different dishes in the canteen or you can just sell it.

Head to the fishing pond and talk to the fishkeeper and start fishing. You first need to select bait for fishing and you need to be mindful as specific bait attracts specific fish.

After that cast your line and when the fish bites you need to tug the rod. If you do it right, the fish will lose some its stamina and once it’s completely depleted the fish will be caught. However, if you don’t tug it properly, you’ll lose your stamina.

Fish Grade Bait
Teutates Pike 4 Insect Larva
Albinean Herring 2
Airmid Goby 1 Insect Larva
Caledonian Crayfish
Caledonian Gar 3
Carassius 1 Flayn’s Bait
Platinum Fish 5 Herring Bait
White Trout 2
Teutates Loach 2


In your free time, you can also participate in the gardening activity. You can grow plants and crops in the garden located southwest of the monastery. Crops and the plants you grow can be used as ingredients and the flowers can be used as gifts.

Go to the greenhouse keeper, talk to him and start gardening. You need to play in gold to start growing crops and plants. Select the seed and the cultivation method. You can also check the predicted yield to see the expected yield.

Cooking Together

As the name suggests, you can cook food with someone in your free time. This someone can be a student or a faculty member. Cooking Together will net you special effects for allies in battle.

Obviously, you need ingredients and the recipe for the dish you want to cook. Ingredients can be purchased and can be acquired through gardening, completing quests and fishing. Each dish has a different bonus.

Dish Dish Effects Ingredients
King of Beasts Steak Allies gain max HP +3 for the rest of the month.> Duscur Bear x1
Invincible Grill Allies gain Str +1 for the rest of the month.> Oghma Wolverine x1
Hero Salad Allies gain Mag +1 for the rest of the month. Angelica x1
Queen Fish Saute Allies gain Dex +2 for the rest of the month. Queen Loach x1
Swift Fish Gratin Allies gain Spd +1 for the rest of the month. Bullhead x1
Blessed Jelly Allies gain Lck +2 for the rest of the month. Mortis Plum x1
Immortality Stew Allies gain Def +1 for the rest of the month. Teutates Pike x1
Nirvana Cake Allies gain Res +1 for the rest of the month. Boa Fruit x1
Charming Soup Allies gain Cha +2 for the rest of the month. Nordsalat x1
Sacred Beast Roast Allies gain max HP and Str +1 for the rest of the month.
Deified Fish Allies gain Dex, Spd, and Def +1 for the rest of the month.
Treasure Fruit Nectar Allies gain Mag and Res +1 for the rest of the month.
Allies gain +1 to all stats for the rest of the month.

Choir Practice

This free day activity in Fire Emblem Three Houses increases faith if you choose to participate. Talk to the Choir Coordinator in the central area of the Garreg Mach Monastery.

Accept the offer and then choose two students that will join Byleth. Once you have chosen you’ll just watch them participate. Also, there will be a dialogue for each of the two students that you chose for Choir Practice.

Once done, all three will receive faith experience while Byleth will also acquire authority experience.


Monthly tournaments are one of the free activities that you can take in Fire Emblem Three Houses. There are inter-house and open events and participants will battle it out using weapons. However, weapons are pre-determined and can’t be changed. Win the Tournament and you will get gold, damage boosts for weapons, or class upgrades.

Go to the Training Grounds and talk to the Tournament Officer. Also, you’ll lose one activity point for participating in this free time activity.

Once the tournament is chosen, you’ll select a student from your class. Keep in mind, you need to choose the student that meets the tournament level requirement.

Before each round starts, the game will show stats for the combatants. This stat screen is quite useful for making strategy moving forward.

Each round has a reward and it’ll increase with each round. Also, the opponents will get tougher with every round cleared. However, if you lose there will be consequences.

Players will face the combatant until only one stands. However, in some tournaments, you’ll also face mercenaries. So choose your combatants carefully.


Each seminar in Fire Emblem Three Houses improves proficiency for a specific weapon. You can pick Byleth or any other instructor to hold the seminar. Here is the list of instructors from each of the Houses in the game.

Officers Academy

Instructor Seminar Reward
Byleth A seminar on group tactics and Jeralt’s mercenary fighting Sword (A+), Authority (A)
Seteth A seminar on an ancient Fodlan fighting style utilizing lance skills. Lance (A+), Authority (A+)
Hanneman A seminar on both reason and bow skills from an esteemed professor of the monastery and the leading Crest scholar in Fodlan. Reason, Bow
Manuela A seminar on both faith and sword skills from a beloved professor of the monastery and former songstress. Sword, Faith
Gilbert A seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knight of Seiros that utilizes lance and axe skills. Lance, Axe
Alois Seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knights of Seiros that utilizes axes and gauntlets. Axe, Fighting
Catherine A seminar on a fighting style in which practitioners dominate their opponent using improvised sword and melee techniques. Sword (S), Bral (A)
Shamir A seminar on fighting styles designed for special situations, such as firing a bow from a long distance or battling in the dark. Lance, Bow
Flayn A seminar on a fighting style that utilizes lances and white magic while chatting and discovering the folklore of Saint Cethleann. Spear (C+), Fath(S)
Cyril A seminar on a fighting style developed over many years of training that utilizes axes and bows. Axe (A+), Bow (B)

Black Eagles

Instructor Seminar Reward
Linhardt A seminar on the effects of Crest on one’s magic skills, as discovered from personal and independent research. Reason (B+), Faith (A+)
Caspar A seminar on how to win arguments and gain upper hand in one-on-one combat, or how to give it your all on the battlefield Axe (C+), Brawl (S)
Dorothea A seminar on a fighting style focusing on moving one’s sword with the grace of a dancer and casting magic with the poise of a diva. Sword (A), Reason (A)
Petra A seminar on the daring and resolute sword and axe fighting styles developed on the Brigid archipelago. Sword (A+), Axe (D)

Golden Deer

Instructor Seminar Reward
Claude A seminar on utilizing archery for surprise attacks and raids, an approach cultivated in the Alliance territories. Bow (A+), Authority (A+)
Lorenz A seminar on a fighting style that incorporates and exemplifies the grace, decorum, and strength of nobility. Lance (C), eason (A)
Raphael A seminar on fighting that focuses on dominating the enemy with pure, strong, and well-fed muscle. Axe (A), Brawl (A)
Ignace A seminar focusing on honing combat form through repeated motions, as outlined in the assigned textbooks. Sword (C), Bow (A+)
Lysithea A seminar worthy of a genius that will have participants reconsidering everything they ever thought they knew about magic. Reason (A+), Faith (B+)
Marianne A seminar on the use of magic as a healing tool and swords as a means of defense. Sword (D+), Faith A+
Hilda A seminar on a free-form fighting style that encourages participants to swing lances and axes around any way they please. Lance (C+), Axe( A+)
Leonie A seminar on a fighting style that combines bow skills with Jeralt’s personal lance technique. Lance (A+), Bow(D+)

These are all of the Free day activities in Fire Emblem Three Houses in which you can participate and earn a reward that will help you in gameplay.