Fire Emblem: Three Houses Likes and Dislikes Guide to know about what each character likes and dislikes. Knowing what all the characters prefer will help you in recruiting and befriending other characters. This guide will answer all your questions related to different characters’ interests and pet peeves.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Likes and Dislikes

First, we’ve students belonging to the Blue Lions. Here are some of the things they approve and disapprove:

Characters Likes Dislikes
Dimitri Fighting, high-quality weapons, strength and power training, going on long rides, physically-tiresome work Easy work, soft objects, pretentious people, blazing heat
Dedue Flowers and gardening, arts and crafts, needlework, Trying to attack Dimitri
Felix Combat, high-quality weapons, meat and spicy foods, hunting, Light-heartedness, chivalry, sweets, his dad
Mercedes Needlework, ghosts stories, sweets, cute things, painting, reading, sweet-scented flowers Spicy foods, working out
Ashe Stories about chivalry, travel journals, caring for children, violets Confined areas, ghosts, violence, deceit
Annette Washing the clothes, early morning walks, dressing up Low-lit places, laziness, dirty and places which are hard to clean, coffee
Sylvain Vibrant places, ladies, board games Envy, dirty spaces, hot days
Ingrid Caring for horses, meat, samples of food, stories about chivalry, virtuous knights Luxury, hunger, Duscur’s folks

Now that we’re done with Blue Lions, let’s talk about people from the Golden Deer house:

Characters Likes Dislikes
Claude Archery, long rides, subjects of curiosity, poetry Blind faith in gods, reliance on chance, being bound by common sense
Lorenz Red roses, tea, art, worthy ladies, things that befits the nobility Inequity, dirtiness, coffee, foul odors, vulgarity
Hilda Coercion, fashion, singing and dancing, vibrant flowers Being tired, putting in effort, responsibility, extreme heat or cold
Raphael Pure protein, muscles, training, his young sister Unfinished meals, book learning
Lysithea Consuming sweets, Lilies, adorable things Being seen as a child, things which require physical effort, sour foods, and ghosts
Ignace The Goddess, the Four Saints, arts, beautiful landscapes, pretty flowers, distant lands, serenity People who disregard art, lightning, stressful situations
Marianne The Goddess, reading, soft flowers, birds Crests, cleaning, herself
Leonie Competition, Captain Jeralt, military arts, fishing, gardening, hunting gathering and recycling used objects Loss, debt, dissipation poisonous creatures

Let’s talk about the final house of the three, the Black Eagles:

Characters Likes Dislikes
Edelgard Gifted people, debating historical outlooks and strategies, nature, attractive sceneries Old-fashioned values, crests, mice, chains, swimming, going out of control
Hubert Coffee, irony, intelligence, skillful people The Church of Seiros, people who trouble Edelgard, gambling, heights, nostalgia, clumsiness
Dorothea Decorative accessories and ornaments, tiny animals Conceited nobles, herself
Ferdinand Riding on horses, tea, justice, nobility, heights Laziness, nobles who are not noble
Bernadetta Embroidery and knitting, writing her own novels, strange creatures, stuffed animals, isolation Interacting with people, intimidating figures, overly-dominating fathers
Caspar Fighting, defeating evil Liars, inequity, the rain, and wasting time
Petra Going for a swim in the ocean, sunshine, going up trees, family, her native home Mathematics, slothfulness, inequality
Linhardt Reading, fishing, naps, sweets, strange creatures, stuffed animals, isolation Blood, weapons, duty, fighting, self-restraint, politics, ghosts

With three major houses out of the way, let’s talk about the people from the Garreg Mach Monastery and some of the preferences:

Characters Likes Dislikes
Manuela Dancing, cooking, needlework, singing, revitalizing beverages Bullies, cleaning, tidying, bullies, feeling ill after drinking too many beverages
Hanneman Crest study, clean workspaces, handkerchiefs, food cooked by other people Politics, untidy rooms, unkempt clothing, cooking, corrupt nobles
Catherine xx xx
Seteth Fishing, Flayn, the Church of Seiros, diligence People hostile towards Flayn or people who are a threat to the Church of Seiros
Flayn Making friends, vibrant places, acquiring new knowledge, taking about love, forget-me-nots Lies, overprotection from Seth, Seteth’s excessive interference, sleeping too much
Alois Family, sweets, telling jokes, the knights, huge flowers Traveling by sea, spicy foods, ghosts
Shamir Throwing weapons, gambling, archery, paychecks Centipedes, sweet talkers, spiders
Gilbert xx xx
Tomas xx xx
Cyril xx xx

And with that, our list of what students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses like and dislike is complete. Be sure to check our other guides for more tips.