The way character recruitment works in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is different from previous entries in the series. The process of recruiting characters belonging to other houses is simple – you go talk to them in the Monastery and convince them to join you … but there are some annoyances you may encounter while trying to do so. Let’s discuss all this in our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Recruitment guide.


Recruiting Characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Before we start, bear in mind that if you want to romance a character in FE, the said character needs to be in your house, and thus, making the recruitment process even more important.

You should also know that there are some characters like Edelgard and other House Leaders who can’t be recruited under any circumstance. And finally, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on the number of characters you can recruit in the game so go crazy! That is … until one of you proves me wrong.

How to Recruit All Characters?

Recruiting characters in FE depends on three things. One is your skill level, second is your stat level, and third is your support level. Recruitable characters demand you to achieve certain rankings in skills, stats, and support.

Depending on your choices, some of your recruited characters may show up on the enemy side after the timeskip but defeating them should get them back to you. The table below shows all the requirements you need to complete to recruit these characters:

Character House Recruitment Requirements
Marianne Golden Deer MAG, Riding
Bernadetta Black Eagles STF, Bow
Dorothea Black Eagles CHA, Authority
Ferdinand Black Eagles DEX, Heavy Armor
Lorenz Golden Deer CHA, Reason
Raphael Golden Deer STR, Heavy Armor
Caspar Black Eagles STR, Brawling
Petra Black Eagles DEX, Riding
Lysithea Golden Deer MAG, Faith
Hilda Golden Deer CHA, Axe
Ignatz Golden Deer DEX, Authority
Linhardt Black Eagles MAG, Reason
Leonie Golden Deer STR, Lance
Ashe Blue Lions CHA, Lance
Shamir Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish
Mercedes Blue Lions MAG, Bow
Sylvain Blue Lions CHA, Reason
Felix Blue Lions SPD, Sword
Ingrid Blue Lions DEX, Flying
Hanneman Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish
Catherine Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish. Can’t recruit to Black Eagles.
Cyril Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish
Manuela Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish
Alois Church of Seiros Reach Level 20-ish

These are all the characters you can recruit in the game. All others who are not mentioned are non-recruit-able characters.