Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes with a motivation system. Players need to understand how this works and the best ways to increase bonds and motivation of students. Our Fire Emblem: Three Houses motivation system guide will explain every aspect of this system and how to increase motivation.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Motivation System

In Fire Emblem you will enter the Garreg Mach Monastery. At this location, you will be asked to teach students. You can teach them many skills but their learning ability depends on motivation. If they have low motivation to learn, you’ll face issues. The Motivation system in Three Houses has four maximum levels.

You can locate the motivation gauge at the top right corner of the HUD. Each student has a different level of motivation. You can increase motivation to help them learn skills faster.

You can train students automatically in the game but if you want the best battle team and a high level of motivation, go the manual route.

During the training sessions, students will lose motivation. However, the bar can be replenished easily. Students usually lose one motivation bar each session. High motivation means a maximum of four learning sessions can be performed.

After each session, you can praise, console, and critique the trainee. It depends on the outcome of the session.

How to Increase Motivation?

If a student does well during a learning session praise him/her. Doing this could replenish one bar of motivation. The same can be achieved by consoling and criticizing the student if he/she does poorly.

This is the tricky part; you must know your students well enough to know how they will respond to each of the two actions. Consoling or criticizing a student may not always result in motivation increase. This also means that criticizing won’t always decrease motivation.

It is best to understand their personalities for the best results.

But there are other surefire ways to increase motivation. You can bond with students during meals, tea time, and by solving their issues. You can order special foods from the kitchen for the students. Group tasks help motivate students as well.

You can hold seminars on Sundays but we do not recommend this if the motivation is low. Give them the day off to rest and recover motivation. Last but not least, you can answer lecture questions to increase their motivation.

Students having high motivation means they will learn faster. Motivation and bonds are a crucial part of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

This is the end of our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Motivation System guide. Hope this helps you in your journey.