During your playthrough of the Fire Emblem Engage game, you will encounter Vander, a recruitable character who hails from Lythos and is part of the Paladin class. As you embark on your journey, the Vander will be your first companion. Not only is he a reliable protector for both the Divine Dragon and Dragon child, but they also possess impressive mobility in battle as a cavalry unit, enabling them to cover large areas within just a single turn.

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about playing Vander, including the best methods for recruiting heroes, the most powerful classes and skillsets in-game, the type of gifts that can be given out to increase your influence with them as well as how to choose which emblems will bring you success.

How to Recruit Vander in FEE

Upon starting Chapter 1: Awake at Last of Fire Emblem Engage, the Vander will enter your Alear’s party without any intervention on your part – he will leave you when the game ends. Therefore, no extra steps are necessary to add him as a member; all that is needed is for this chapter to be initiated, and he’ll join automatically.

Recruiting Vander Wender will be a breeze, but strategically positioning him and Alear for battle within your party could be challenging. When navigating the region’s terrain in Chapter 1, it is essential to keep this in mind – as your victory relies on Vander and Alear’s precise placements.

Vander Best Class

From the start, Vander will be a powerful presence as one of the Paladins, and it is from the advanced class. So, You’ll quickly realize that you have made an excellent choice.

Regarding Vander Best Class, the Great Knight is unparalleled in its potential. However, before considering utilizing this class, players must possess a Lance (B) and Sword (B). In addition, you will also need an emblem that matches your bond level – with just some Bond Fragments required for the acquisition of said emblem – to reach the needed proficiency for obtaining all of the benefits.

If you want to transform Vander’s Paladin into a Great Knight, purchase the Master Seal from the item store in your local plaza. Only by using this seal can you upgrade it correctly, ensuring that all of your hard work and experience won’t go to waste.

After unlocking the Great Knight, Vander can access a powerful and exclusive skill called Allied Defense. When an ally is between him and an enemy unit during combat, this ability decreases incoming damage by 3 points.

Best Gifts For Vander

One of the best ways to strengthen bonds and relationships in Fire Emblem Engage is by giving characters gifts. Characters are usually more willing to perform tasks and join your army if they feel appreciated, so giving them a present not only shows your appreciation but also serves as an indication of how much you value them. Vander’s preferences for gifts are listed below.

What They Love:

  • Dragon Scripture
  • Quality Kerchief
  • Sewing Kit
  • Sheep Wool
  • Fine Quill Pen
  • Spirit Gem

What They Hate:

  • Dried Meat
  • Strong Perfume
  • Playing Cards
  • Lovely Candle
  • Large Plate
  • Horse Manure
  • Spicy Seasonings

Best Emblems

1LeifWhile engaged in battle, Leif’s counterattacks are superb as he uses the most effective weapon to defeat an enemy.
2RoyRoy, the symbol of Binding, is a master at last-minute escapes. His holdout skill guarantees that if he enters combat with greater than 30% HP remaining, he will always survive the battle with at least one HP intact.
3SigurdBy combining Vander and Sigurd, you can create an unstoppable offensive force. In addition, this merger will help boost Vander’s agility and attack power, providing you with a tactical edge in battle.

Vander Stats

Base StatsHP = 40Mag = 5Str = 11Dex  = 10Speed = 8Def = 10Res = 8Lck = 6Bld = 8
ImprovementHP = 60Mag = 10Str = 25Dex  = 25Speed = 35Def = 35Res = 20Lck = 10Bld = 5

That’s all you need to know about Vander and how to recruit him. If you want to read more about Fire Emblem Engage, here are some articles you might like:

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