The Fire Emblem franchise has introduced multiple new battle mechanics, one of the most noteworthy being Synchro Skills. As its name implies, these are buffs specifically tailored to characters from previous installments that can be summoned by utilizing rare items known as “Emblem Rings.” These rings provide the necessary power for your units to call upon the spirits and take advantage of their unique abilities – a great way to bolster your forces in times of need.

Synchro Skill Effects in FE Engage

As soon as you equip an Emblem Ring, your unit will activate Synchro Skills, a set of abilities and bonuses. These skills will provide you with certain advantages or enhancement of stats based on the type of Emblem Ring you have equipped.

Boost in Stats

By syncing with an Emblem, you can buff up your stats! Each Emblem Ring grants you a unique stat boost to elevate and enhance your abilities.

Ability to Engage

Fusing your Unit with an Emblem Ring will bring your hero to life and make them more engaging. You’ll have three turns with the Engage Meter to bring your Emblem to life. Then, take advantage of special Engage Weapons and Attacks exclusive to each Emblem during the battle for a distinct tactical edge.

All 12 Synchro Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

NoCharactersEmblem RingsSynchro SkillsSkill Effects
1MarthEmblem of BeginningNihilEnemy units are far less likely to land a counter-attack when under attack.
2CelicaEmblem of EchoesHoly StanceStrike back at your enemies with the same amount of damage inflicted by corrupted units.
3SigurdEmblem of the Holy WarCanterYou can make a follow-up move after launching an attack.
4LeifEmblem of GenealogyArms ShieldYou will take significantly less damage when you wield the most effective weapon type or if your Weapon Triangle Advantage (WTA) is stronger than your opponent’s.
5RoyEmblem of RadianceHold outIf the Unit began combat with 30% HP or greater, they would always come out victorious and alive, having sustained at least 1 HP.
6LynEmblem of BlazingDesperationWhen your Unit’s Spd exceeds that of the enemy, you can launch a rapid counterattack and catch them off-guard before they have a chance to retaliate.
7IkeEmblem of RadianceBrave GeneralAs the enemy unit’s Defense increases, so does the amount of damage absorbed.
8MicaiahEmblem of DawnClericIf your HP dips below 75%, you will automatically receive a 5% bonus to both DEF and MAG.
9LucinaEmblem of AwakeningDual StrikeUnlock the full potential of your weapon types and gain an edge over your opponents by equipping up to Level C Staves.
10BylethEmblem of the AcademyDivine PulseNo matter their class or combat style, every Unit participating in battle can activate Chain Attacks with this skill.
Emblem of the Holy WarDragon VeinDepending on your combat unit choice, various field effects can be activated. However, the unparalleled opportunity to choose their desired effect is available regarding dragon units.
12EirikaEmblem of the SacredLunar BraceInstead of missing, attacks have the potential to land a decisive hit.

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