Needless to say but Fire Emblem Engage is a massive game. From offline battles to online co-op modes, the options are pretty much endless. One of the most interesting game modes is a co-op mode, Relay Trial. You are teamed up with another player online to complete a map. Players are chosen via matchmaking or can be invited via their Takeover ID. To participate in these Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials, you need to have Relay Tickets.

Before we get to Relay Tickets, let us quickly go over the mechanics of Relay Trials. In Relay Trials, one player starts off a trial and is in control of the first few moves before the control is handed off to the other player. This can be quite fun as you can learn how other players tackle the same problems since fighting AI can get tedious. But how do you get the Relay Tickets to play the game mode:

Simple progression can get you enough Relay Tickets for you to get by. Simply check in every 24 hours at the Somniel and you will receive one Relay Ticket.

Scanning Amiibos does not guarantee a Relay Ticket each time and it is preferable to scan Fire Emblem Amiibos (rather than non-Fire Emblem Amiibos) to increase your chances of landing a Relay Ticket.

How to Use Relay Tickets

Relay Tickets only have one use in Fire Emblem Engage: to access certain challenges at the Tower of Trials. The tower is unlocked after completing Chapter 6. Just choose the Relay Trials and this will use up one Relay Ticket from your inventory.

You will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play this game mode. It is worth it since completing a Relay Trial can land you massive rewards and a massive boost to your stats.

This is all we have got on how to easily get and use Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage. Some more FE: Engage guides you might be interested in:

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