Fire Emblem Engage was recently released and had been gaining steady traction among gamers. Compared to the old iterations, the newest Emblem game has added a lot to the fighting mechanics and emphasized battles. The tactile RPG has satisfied the series’ veterans while providing an exciting game for newcomers. The purists who like to be tested can rest easy, as FE Engage provides in spades. The hardest difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage, Maddening, is more than a substantial step-up compared to lower difficulty levels. It is only meant for people who have already finished the game, maybe even multiple times, and are looking for a challenge.

Difficulty Selection

Fire Emblem Engage provides three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Maddening. We are only interested in the latter one in this article. You will also be able to find the main differences between the Maddening difficulty and the other two, along with tips and tricks to help you in this daunting journey.

Anytime the journey gets daunting, the player can go to Somniel Home Base and lower the difficulty level. You can decrease the difficulty anytime during the game. Once you choose a lower difficulty, it is impossible to return to the previous level.

Differences with Maddening Difficulty

  • Tutorials: As previously mentioned, the Maddening difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage is mostly for seasoned players and those already familiar with the game. Most of the tutorials are not available at this level.
  • Saves: You are not given the ability to save progress during battles.
  • Enemy Buffs: Enemies’ health and overall stats are considerably increased compared to the Hard level. The number of enemies also increases.
  • Enemy Skills: Main enemies will now be able to use Skill moves against you. The enemy unit AI will also find creative ways to take you down.
  • Draconic Time Crystal: You are still given 10 charges to rewind time, but the need for constant rewinding makes this a small number.

The crazy ones who like to be punished by games can also toggle the “Permadeath” option. Once a unit dies in battle, they are lost forever, making each battle an actual fight for life.

How to Master the Maddening Difficulty

Maddening difficulty is meant to push you to the edge. You need to pay attention to every aspect of the gameplay to avoid a bumpy ride. We have listed a few tips that will significantly help.

  1. EXP: Farm EXP likes there’s no tomorrow because unless you do, there might not be one. You must complete all optional battles and take down as many enemies as possible to earn EXP and level up quickly. It would be best if you leveled up fast to take on new and more challenging enemies. Healing units will also earn you some EXP, but you should try battles for massive gains.
  2. Terrain: Selection of battlegrounds becomes critical at Maddening difficulty level. You will have to know everything there is to know about your units and your strengths to make the right choice. Only choose terrains that provide bonuses and boosts to your units and stats alike.
  3. Defense: Since the enemy AI is better now, just attacking will end up losing you the battle. Using terrain for defense tactics can be very advantageous. Every attack has to be deliberate, and much of the time, the defense should be your priority in battles.
  4. Units: It is essential to make your units stronger in every way possible. Make sure to feed up from Cafe Terrace, provide the best equipment, increase support levels, and use skill inheritance. Units can make or break a battle, and every bit of effort on them pays off in the long run.
  5. Formations: You must already be aware of the different stats of different units. Placing them on the battlefield at the right spots is very important. The frontline and the backline units should support each other. It is recommended to place tougher units at the back so that even if the frontline is wiped out, the backline can compensate for it.
  6. Engage: There is no point in saving Engage Mode for boss battles. At this difficulty level, it is much preferable to use the ability as soon as it becomes available. You can save it for the boss at the end of the battle, but even then, you might lose out on making it to the end. Ultimately it’s better to use the Engage mode to end fights as fast as possible to minimize damage to your units.
  7. Party Members: Minimizing the damage taken can make battles quite economical. With Framme (Qi Adept) deployed in battles, your units will take less damage. Jean and Seadall also protect your units, but Framme is unlocked early in the game. It’s a good idea always to have her at your party.

With all the mechanics in Fire Emblem Engage, it is challenging to go over everything. Still, suppose you are interested in playing on the Maddening difficulty; you will find this guide quite helpful throughout the game. Some more FE: Engage that you will find helpful:

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