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How to Increase Weapon Proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage


Fire Emblem Engage is developed in a manner so that new players can easily learn about the mechanics of the game and start playing. However, if you are unaware of JRPGs and how the gameplay usually goes it might seem like a daunting task to learn all the modes and options available to you.

One such game mechanic is Weapon Proficiency. Each weapon in FE Engage has a lot of variation and upgrade paths. Each character itself has different abilities when paired with different weapons and soon enough you realize the options are endless. This is a short and quick guide if you want to familiarize yourself with Weapon Proficiency and how to increase it in Fire Emblem Engage.

Weapon Proficiency

This decides which weapon types a character can use. Each class and character has its proficiency level with each weapon. Sometimes, a certain weapon cannot be utilized to its fullest potential when limited to a certain single class. In such cases, a character’s class would have to be changed.

Proficiency levels are set between ‘D’ to ‘S’, with ‘D’ being the lowest and ‘S’ being the highest. Three different icons denote various Weapon Proficiencies:

Grey Dagger

No Proficiency with the weapon. The class cannot be changed to one that is compatible with that weapon either.

White Sword

Standard Proficiency. The class can be changed by using Emblems.

Blue Axe

Innate Proficiency. The character receives a bonus level and upgrades with that weapon.

Weapon proficiencies for each character/unit can be checked via the ‘Change Class’ screen in the ‘Somniel Menu’

How to Increase Weapon Proficiency

Increasing Bond Levels with Emblem Rings is the surefire way of raising a character’s weapon proficiency. Make sure to check your character’s current status with a weapon to ensure leveling up Bond will be worth the effort and resources.

For example, an emblem without the ability to wield an axe can be bonded with another emblem and they will not only be able to use an axe but you will be able to upgrade their abilities with that axe.

Changing classes is another way to increase a character’s weapon proficiency. You will need ‘Master Seals’ or ‘Second Seals’, only then you can change class from the Somniel Menu. This can open up a whole new weapon for a character who was not able to use it previously. For example, a character who cannot wield a sword can have their class changed to ‘Sword Master’ and they would be able to use an ‘S’ class sword then.

Other Methods

Proficiency can also be increased by simply using a specific weapon with a particular unit in battles. You have to be mindful of what weapon you pair with a character, to maximize proficiency. ‘Leif’ is a great unit that can give multiple proficiencies even at low bond levels.

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