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Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide — How to Catch, Unlock Fishing, Fish List


Fire Emblem Engage also comes with a fishing mini-game, which allows you to get more ingredients for the in-game cafe. This fishing mini-game is an activity on the floating island of Somniel, and these are used to make some characters’ favorite meals. It would help if you invited them for a meal in the cafe to get their attention.

How To Locate Fish
These fish are located on the floating Island of Somniel. Small fish are located by the small ripple effect created on the water. If you want to locate large fish, look for bigger ripples or circles effects on the water. Although the difference between small and large ripples is insignificant, you get used to it.

How To Catch Fish
The Fishing is unlocked when you reach Chapter 9 of the game. Make your way to the western side of the map to locate a little fishing hook. At this spot, the prince will give Alear a basic fishing rod and provide instructions on pulling a fish from the pond.

To catch a fish in Fire Emblem Engage, press A over the location where Alear wants to throw the line. Keep looking at the hook bob until it drops below the water. When the hook bob is in the water, hit A. When you notice that the screen has the left stick on the screen, pull the fish back in the opposite direction from its movement.

You can fish up to three times a day, but you can fish more than three times a day by completing a battle. Fishing not only grants you ingredients but Bond Fragments as well. By catching three fish, you will get approximately 200 Bond Fragments using the Modest Rod, the lowest-level rod.

List of Fish
Fish that are included in Fire Emblem Engage so far:

Fish Items Time of Day Bond Fragments Rod
Charwhal Minced Fish Evening 20 Modest Rod
Sammar Crab Minced Fish Morning 40 Modest Rod
Myceen Eel Eel Evening 60 Modest Rod
Sint Trout Minced Fish Morning 40 Modest Rod
Samian Herring Herring Afternoon 20 Modest Rod
Caria Carp Carp Afternoon 70 Modest Rod

This is everything we have got in our Fire Emblem Engage Fishing guide. For more help on the game, you can check out these guides:

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