If you have tried maxing out your stats and upgrading items in Fire Emblem Engage, you must know resources are always scarce. Lootable items and goods are not easy to come by, especially in large quantities. Sooner or later, you will have to turn to side missions, quests, exploration, and good old grinding.

One of the best ways to boost EXP and collect resources like Gold in Fire Emblem Engage is by doing Skirmishes. These might not contribute to the main progression but the rewards make them worth delving into. Leveling up units is another big advantage of grinding through the Skirmishes.

Types of Skirmishes

Skirmishes are short battles and the enemy side is always matched up to the level of your units. Unlike main battles, which get progressively harder, Skirmishes always provide a balanced challenge. They can be accessed through the world map after completing Chapter 6. Once completed, they disappear for some time. After some real-world time passes, they can be completed once again for rewards. There are 3 types of Skirmishes in FE: Engage that includes:

  • Standard Skirmishes: Best for farming gold, ingredients, and materials. They are easier to complete as well!
  • Silver Corrupted Skirmishes: These can earn a healthy amount of EXP and SP but it can be a bit harder to fight against Silver Corrupted enemies.
  • Gold Corrupted Skirmishes: Massive amounts of gold can be earned in these but the battles are harder to come by and even harder to complete.

Training Battles

Unlike Skirmishes, these do not spawn at random and can be found in different parts of the map. It is a good method of earning a fixed amount of XP and significant gold. The enemies can be easier to deal with in Training Battles.

How to Force Skirmishes

Since Skirmishes spawn randomly and real-world time needs to pass before the next respawn, all you need to do is move the console time ahead by a few hours.

It might take a little bit of trickery but once you know it should be easy to pull off. While playing the game press the Home button on your Nintendo Switch and navigate to the “Date and Time” section in Settings. Then set the clock ahead by a couple of hours and jump back into the game. Access the world map and you should be able to see that Skirmishes have respawned and you can have another go at them. If you need a video demonstration, this video guide by Xion0014 should help:

This should help you easily force Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage. Some other FE: Engage guides you might be interested in:

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