The latest installment in the Fire Emblem franchise has been praised for returning to its roots. The tactical role-playing game, published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console, has plenty of content to satisfy newcomers while keeping the veterans happy. The fighting mechanics in Fire Emblem Engage introduce old and favorite characters of the previous games as your battle companions. During tough fights, you will want to ensure that your companions are leveled up sufficiently to be helpful. Bond Fragments are essential to strengthen your bond partners by training and upgrading. Both activities require Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage.

Bond Fragments can be used to make bond rings which can then be used to upgrade your units. Instead of using Emblem rings, this is much more economical. Another way to increase the bond level of your units is Emblem Training at the Arena. Since there is no time limit, you can do Emblem Training. It is an excellent way to increase any unit’s Bond level. It may be time-consuming, but as long as you have Bond Fragments, you can do infinite Emblem training.

How to Get Bond Fragments
Chapter 3 is where you should be looking to farm as many Bond Fragments as possible. Going through the base story and playing the game usually will earn you some Bond Fragments. They might be sufficient for the beginning period of the game, but soon you will be running short.

Exploration and Conversation
Battles are immediately followed by an exploration period. You will be able to find Bond Fragments among the loot. While exploring, make sure to check in with your companions. Talk to them when the option is available, as they will reward you with Bond Fragments. Make sure to talk to all the battle participants as soon as it is finished the post-battle map.

Bulletin Board
Once you are in Somniel, head over to Cafe Terrace, the cafe contains a bulletin board with ‘Achievements’ you can complete. It is the real money-maker. You can easily make plenty of Bond Fragments by completing these achievements. Just remember to come back and collect them, as they will not just appear in your inventory. This area might be locked up until chapter 3, but as soon as it is unlocked, make maximum use of it.

Sommie and Fishing
It is straightforward, as fishing in Somniel can earn you around 100 Bond Fragments. Similarly, interacting with Sommie (feeding/petting) can earn a few Fragments. These might not net you big profits but can be helpful in a tight spot.

Once you have a sufficient amount of Bond Rings, get to Somniel’s Ring Chamber, where you can spend 100 Bond Fragments to make a Bond Ring. I recommend not spending these rings. It is better to use further Bond Fragments to meld multiple rings together and give your units a significant boost.

This is everything we have on how to farm Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage.

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