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Fire Emblem Engage Alfred: How to Recruit, Best Class, Gifts, Emblems


In “Fire Emblem Engage,” Alfred from Firene is a powerful and invaluable character on your team. His mastery of lances and unmatched defensive skills make him an invaluable asset in battle. Additionally, he is the prince of the Kingdom of Firene and the older brother to Celine. With Alfred by your side, you’ll be ready for any challenge. In this guide, I’ll explain all about Alfred in “Fire Emblem Engage,” including how to recruit him, find his best class, and discover his favorite gifts and emblems.

How To Recruit Alfred in FE Engage

In “Fire Emblem Engage,” you’ll meet Alfred in the middle of Chapter 3: Hostilities. He’ll arrive with Boucheron and Etie. To recruit Alfred, complete the Ring Vault.

Alfred Best Class

Being the prince of the Firene kingdom, Alfred belongs to a noble family, and his cavalry unit’s lance proficiency is classified as “B.” Therefore, Alfred’s choice is equal to the Avenir advanced class.

Unlock the powerful Avenir class and gain access to the skill Golden Lotus, reducing physical damage taken in battle by up to 50%. Use a Master Seal from the Item Shop at Plaza to upgrade your base class to an advanced class. To increase weapon proficiency, forge a connection with emblems using bond fragments.

Best Gifts For Alfred

Unlock the deepest connection with Fire Emblem Engage characters by gifting them items they’ll appreciate. Every character has preferences and aversions, so take note of Alfred’s likes and dislikes to ensure you give him something he will love! Below I’ve listed his favorite presents and those which he hates.

Love Gifts:

  • Training Weights
  • Dragon Scripture
  • Muscle Balm
  • Sun Visor
  • Lentil Flower
  • White Clover
  • Horn
  • Flower Wreath
  • Spirit Gem
  • Bandages
  • Sun Visor

Hate Gifts:

  • Sharp Chisel
  • Sewing Kit
  • Sheep Wool
  • Spicy Seasonings
  • Horse Manure

Best Emblems

1LeifBy combining Leif and Alfred, you can easily empower Alfred with a formidable weapon proficiency. In addition, this partnership will allow for swift adjustments so that his classes are always up-to-date and ready for action.
2RoyBy combining Roy and Alfred, he will lead the attack and set the whole area on fire with his explosive Blazing Lion. Roy’s ability to rise above adversity and handle difficult situations gives Alfred a greater chance of success.
3SigurdBy combining the strength of Alfred and Sigurd, you can supercharge your character’s mobility and amplify their Strength and Speed to outmaneuver opponents from every corner.

Alfred Stats

Base StatsHP = 27Mag = 2Str = 9Dex  = 10Speed = 6Def = 8Res = 5Lck = 8Bld = 6
ImprovementHP = 65Mag = 5Str = 40Dex  = 35Speed = 40Def = 40Res = 20Lck = 40Bld = 10

That’s the end of our Fire Emblem Engage Alfred recruitment guide. If you want to read more about FE Engage’s various aspects, here are some suggestions:

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