In the world of Pokémon, Type: Null stands out as a unique and synthetic Legendary Pokémon, resembling a patchwork design of various Pokémon parts. Its evolution, Silvally, is equally intriguing, with the ability to change its type based on the memory it holds. This guide delves deep into the steps to find and evolve Type: Null into Silvally, ensuring you can harness the power of these exceptional Pokémon in your team.


Background And Lore of Type: Null And Silvally

Type: Null is a synthetic, man-made Pokémon that is a recreation of a legendary Pokémon. Its design appears to be a patchwork combination of various Pokémon, making it a unique addition to the Pokémon world.

Finding Type: Null

  1. Post-Game Requirement: To obtain Type: Null, trainers must first complete the main storyline of Pokémon Sword and Shield. After entering the Hall of Fame and watching the credits, additional post-game content becomes accessible.
  2. Visit the Battle Tower: Head to the Battle Tower after completing the game. Upon entering, look to your left to find a trainer with Type: Null. Engage in a conversation, and as a reward for your achievements, she’ll hand over Type: Null, which will be at level 50.

Type: Null’s Characteristics

  • Ability: Battle Armor (Provides protection from Critical Hits)
  • Galar Dex No.: 381
  • Egg Group: Undiscovered
  • Type: Normal
  • Height: 1.90m
  • Weight: 120.5kg
  • HP: 95
  • ATK: 95
  • DEF: 95
  • SP. ATK: 95
  • SP. DEF: 95
  • SPD: 59
  • Total CP: 534

How To Evolve Null Into Silvally

  1. Memories: Along with Type: Null, you’ll receive a set of memories. These memories determine Silvally’s type upon evolution.
  2. Raising Friendship: The evolution from Type: Null to Silvally is based on friendship and happiness. Boost your bond with Type: Null by keeping it in your party, playing with it at camp, sharing curry, winning battles, feeding it berries, or letting it hold the Soothe Bell.
  3. Choosing the Memory: Once your bond is strong, decide on Silvally’s type by giving Type: Null a specific memory. Upon leveling up with high happiness, it will evolve into Silvally, reflecting the type of the memory.

Similar to natural species of Pokémon, Type: Null can also undergo evolution. And the process of doing so is simple as well. In order to evolve Type: Null into Silvally, all you need to do is to increase its happiness to 220.

There are a lot of ways of doing so like using the desired Pokémon in battle, feeding them berries, Soothe Ball, etc. For a complete rundown of how to increase happiness in Pokémon Sword and Shield, check out our Happiness Guide. Once you’ve reached Happiness Level 220, you’ll automatically evolve Type: Null into Silvally.

Changing Type: Null’s Type

Type: Null can change to any type in the game using memories. While you can’t alter its type during a battle, you can modify it after each battle based on the memory it holds.

Limitations And Friendship Check

Type: Null cannot be bred, so trainers can only have one per playthrough. To check its friendship level, visit the first house on the right in Hammerlocke. An old woman there can provide insights into your bond with Type: Null and also give you the Soothe Bell to enhance friendship.

Silvally can have different forms depending on what Memory Item it is holding. For instance, if you wish it to have Water-type, make sure it is holding Water Memory Item so on and so forth.

This is all we’ve got in our guide to acquire Type: Null in Silvally in the game. For more help on Pokémon Sword and Shield, be sure to check our Legendary Pokémon Locations Guide, Egg Hatching Guide, and Aegislash Guide.