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Ark Genesis Astrocetus Taming, Spawn Location, Breading Guide


Space Whale is another tameable added to Ark: Survival Evolved with the release of ARK Genesis. Unlike Magmasaur, it’s fairly easy to tame Astrocetus in ARK Genesis. This whale-like creature, known for its ability to warp through hyperspace, is a great addition to your tribe.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about taming the Astrocetus, its preferred food, breeding, and even its spawn locations.

Astrocetus Location in Ark Genesis

If you want to start taming an Astrocetus, you first need to find this creature in the Lunar biome of Ark Genesis. The Lunar biome is full of these space whales. By following the coordinates below, you can improve your chances of finding one:

  • 48 LAT and 16 LON
  • 44 LAT and 27 LON
  • 53 LAT and 34 LON

These coordinates are good places to begin your search, and as you explore closer to the edge of the map, you will definitely find an Astrocetus.

Ark Genesis Astrocetus location coordinates.

All Possible Astracetus Spawn Locations

map of possible spawn locations of Astrocetus in Ark Genesis.

How to Tame Astrocetus in Ark Genesis

To tame an Astrocetus in Ark Genesis, you need to plan carefully and have the right tools. Before you start your taming adventure, ensure you have a Cannon Ball and a Tek Skiff. These items can be found in the open space areas of the Lunar biome, sometimes high up and sometimes lower down.

Once you have the Cannon Ball and Tek Skiff Cannon, teleport to the Lunar biome and get ready to encounter the Astrocetus. The strength of your shot will depend on the creature’s level, but if you aim well, you can knock it down with just one hit. If you happen to come across multiple low-level Astrocetus, you might be able to bring them all down at once.

Once you have successfully tamed the Astrocetus, you can now ride it and use its special abilities to your advantage. By equipping the Astrocetus Tek Saddle, you gain access to three gun turrets and a bomber mode. These turrets are positioned on the top, rear, and front of the creature, enabling you to defend against enemies and safeguard your tribe. Furthermore, you can construct structures on the Astrocetus’s back, although there is a limit of approximately 4-5 structures.

Can You Breed Astrocetus?

Short answer? No! You can’s breed Astrocetus, at least there are no “official” way to do it at the moments. However, you can use the Astrocetus breeding mod to replace the current version of this creature with the one that is breedable.

Astrocetus Abilities

Astrocetus has the ability to warp through space, like a cosmic whale exploring the universe. This lets the creature travel long distances and even pass through walls and structures. To activate this ability, the Astrocetus needs to get ready for the warp, which is shown by a marker that lets you choose where you want to go.

When you use this ability, any creatures owned by your tribe that are near the Astrocetus will also be transported along with it. It’s important to remember that using the warp ability consumes Cosmic Energy, but don’t worry, it will gradually fill up again over time. The speed at which the energy comes back depends on how fast the Astrocetus moves. The faster it moves, the quicker the energy will be restored.

Keep in mind the time it takes for the energy to replenish before trying to warp again.

Astrocetus Attacks

The Astrocetus is a reliable tank in battles. With its array of attacks and the ability to warp to strategic locations, it excels as a Siege mount, capable of inflicting significant damage on enemy bases. During raids and battles, the Astrocetus comes in really handy.

In addition to its combat prowess, the Astrocetus can also be used for transportation. While it may not be the quickest option available, it provides a secure mode of travel due to its defensive turrets and the ability to bring along other creatures using its warp ability. This makes the Astrocetus an excellent choice for transporting valuable resources, tribe members, or tamed creatures, ensuring their safety during the journey.

Astrocetus Cosmic Energy Regenration

Astrocetus has a passive ability known as Cosmic Energy Regeneration. The Astrocetus has a stock of energy that it consumes when using its Hyperdrive ability, but it can regenerate this energy over time. Cosmic Energy regeneration is linked to the Lunar biome, meaning the Astrocetus regenerates energy faster when within its original habitat.

What to Feed Astrocetus

To keep your Astrocetus well-fed and happy, providing it with the appropriate food is crucial. The preferred food for these cosmic creatures is Extraordinary Kibble. This special kibble can be crafted using various large-sized eggs, such as Basilisk Eggs, Bronto Eggs, Giganotosaurus Eggs, Quetzal Eggs, Rex Eggs, Tek Quetzal Eggs, Tek Rex Eggs, or Therizino Eggs. If Exceptional Kibble is not available, you can also feed the Astrocetus Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Raw Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Meat, Raw Fish Meat, or Cooked Fish Meat. Ensure that you have an ample supply of food to sustain your Astrocetus’s hunger.

How to Craft Tek Saddle in Ark Genesis

To fully utilize the potential of your Astrocetus in Ark Genesis, you will need to craft the Astrocetus Tek Saddle. This saddle grants you access to the creature’s artillery guns and enhances its capabilities. Crafting the Astrocetus Tek Saddle requires the following resources:

  • 750 Polymer
  • 3250 Metal Ingot
  • 606 Crystal
  • 82 Element
  • 210 Black Pearl

Gather these materials and head to the Smithy or Fabricator to craft the Astrocetus Tek Saddle. Once equipped, you can unleash the full power of your cosmic whale.

How to Ride Astrocetus in Ark Genesis

To navigate and control Astrocetus, familiarize yourself with the following controls:

  • Left-click and right-click: Attack
  • Space: Warp
  • C: Bombing (Requires Ambergris)

This is how you can find and tame Space Whales in ARK Genesis. For more on the game, you can check out our ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki guides.

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