A beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion is a unique operative alongside the video game designer. While the game doesn’t force players to pursue specific operatives, some of them are objectively better than the others. These include beekeepers, video game designers, construction workers, etc. Finding them, however, can be a little tedious. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to find and recruit a beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Find and Recruit a Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion

When it comes to finding a beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s fairly similar to finding a construction worker. What we mean by that is both the beekeeper and construction worker are recruited during one of the campaign missions. A construction worker is recruited at the completion of ‘Reporting for Duty’ main mission while the beekeeper is found at the completion of the ‘City of London’.

While playing on perma-death mode, it’s also possible to lose recruits just as easily. In such a case, beekeepers can also be found roaming around parks, greenery, or near any natural scenery – it isn’t hard in all honesty.

After successfully finding the beekeeper, the recruitment process will begin. Similar to other operatives, speaking to the beekeeper will start a small mission. It’s usually along the lines of go there, hack that, escape the area, etc. Once that’s done, the beekeeper will be added to the list of operatives.

A beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion is one of the best operatives when it comes to area-control, defeating multiple enemies at the same time, or simply brute-forcing an infiltration. We’d really recommend getting one alongside a construction worker to breeze through the early game as easily as possible. Recruiting the beekeeper in the game will also unlock the ‘NO, NOT THE BEES’ achievement.

That’s all we’ve got in our Watch Dogs: Legion beekeeper location guide. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Watch Dogs: Legion wiki guides.

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