In the Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose DLC, you need to find three masks that unlock a case that has a crystal inside. The crystal will cure Rose, allowing her to lead a normal life. In this Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose guide, we cover where you can find the three masks.

Resident Evil Village: Shadows Of Rose Masks Locations

There are three masks that you need to find, the Bronze Mask, Silver Mask and Gold Mask. The following are the locations for each one:

Bronze Mask Location

The Bronze Mask is the first one that you will find. It is outside the courtyard once you have opened the dining room door with Bolt Cutters that you can find in the kitchen. There is a cutscene that reveals that the mask is in the courtyard. To get it you need to go to the left and through the castle.

Get to the attic to get Variant Flask 1 which helps you destroy sclerotia cores. You can then head to the courtyard and destroy the core in the case of the statue holding the mask and then pick it up.

Silver Mask Location

Once you have the Monocular Key go through the Monocular Door in the back of the courtyard. You will then find yourself in the statue puzzle. Complete it to go through the door in the floor. This will take you to the basement. Proceed forward and you will find the Silver Mask towards the end of the basement.

Gold Mask Location

Once you have completed the painting puzzle and have the Triocular Key go to the courtyard and to the left, as you did for the Bronze Mask. Once you are inside the castle head into the door on your right with the three eyes on it. You can use the Triocular Key to open it.

Destroy the three cores in the room and cross the bridge. You can then pick up the mask which will trigger a cutscene.

This is how you can get all the masks in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the shotgun in the new DLC.

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