A well-loved series for gamers, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is expected to be yet another adventure-filled version of the fantasy franchise. It is evident though that the game tends to be rather difficult as it progresses, especially when the hard difficulty option is unlocked once you have completed the game. In this Final Fantasy 7 guide, we will give you all the tips we can to prepare you for the tough places in the game.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing FF7:

Unlocking Extra Materia Slots

When you receive a new weapon or get to level up in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, points will also be awarded for using on your weapons, in the form of SP. Each of the weapons has an SP tree, even the ones you get later on in the game. So, the first thing you need to spend your SP on are new materia slots.


Although buffs like magical damage, extra strength and health are essential, a good amount of materia pieces also buff your stats, so getting a new slot is equally important.

Do remember, that materia slots are available in the “linked” and “new” forms. The linked slots can grant you the bonus upon combining particular materia, but new slots are a better choice, as you get an extra slot to store your material fragment and then it can be leveled up rapidly.

Stock up on Materia

Unless you are caught amid a tough battle, you will need to equip every single slot that is not maxed out with materia. You will be getting loads of AP after each fight, which allows leveling up of materia and also grants new abilities.


The more green materia you equip yourself with earlier on in the game, the easier the gameplay will become later on as it will enable you to use advanced magic. Also, leveling up each of the four elemental materia namely, fire, wind, ice, and lightning is very important along with the healing materia, because weaknesses can put you in dangerous spots during boss battles.

Distribute Healing Materia

As mentioned above, healing materia is essential. Hence, all of your party members need to have a good supply of it. If you are the only member of your party who can cure, you would want to use it only in dire need, as using your items leads to a shortage of money for upgrades.

You should purchase 3 pieces of healing materia for three of your main party members so all can have access to cure while a battle is on hand. Do it as soon as possible in the game, as it will result in quicker obtaining of cura, which is a better heal and will assist you through a lot of difficult areas.

Activate Auto-Cure

Early on in the game, choose which member you want to pilot the most. Then place Auto-Cure on the party member who is not being controlled by you. They will be able to cast cure, with the help of the healing materia, during urgent situations.

This is one way among a few others, by which you can gain access to a gambit system-like mechanic, similar to Final Fantasy XII, helping you to focus on the battle more freely without having to micro-manage a lot. After enough AP has been earned for leveling up to the second and final stage, your teammate will be able to auto-cure ten times in a single battle.

Resting at Every Bench

It’s a simple but effective tip, so try not to forget it. Each time you see a bench in the game you must use it. There is even a bench icon if you look at the map. Benches will restore your MP and HP automatically and can be seen as counterparts of tents, which are a classic item in Final Fantasy. Use it, if you or a party member are only slightly down on HP and MP. It’s quick and effective.

Sprinting Down Ladders

Just like in Dark Souls, sprinting down ladders can help you slide down quickly. So don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage, to save time and get to your destination in a briefer period.

Healing out of Battle

To use items or heal outside of a fight, press X and select the needed spell or item. For swapping party members press L2/R2. When in need of healing, apart from during battle, try to use the party member who has the most MP or the stronger cure spells. Remember to keep yourself restored, as some of the random skirmishes you might face can be rather taxing on your health.

Using Aerith’s Pray

Because of possessing restorative abilities, Aerith can prove to be one of the strongest party members you can have. Pray materia plays a huge part in that. Although it can be earned as the game goes further, Aerith already is equipped with pray materia.

As pray materia is yellow and not green, which is the color of the magic materia, it does not require MP when you need to use it. It is quite useful to have Aerith staying on the offensive and taking down foes with weakness magic, as it keeps her MP free.

Any Member Can Summon

Once Summon is called into a battle, any of the members will be able to activate the abilities in return for ATB cost, not only by the member who summoned it originally.

Take note though, that if you need to save for a huge healing with Aerith or for a powerful attack with Cloud, then a third member of the party can handle the heavy lifting by spending ability bars upon the Summons.

Spam An Ability Linked to A Weapon Until Acquired

Each time a new weapon is received, equip it immediately unless a boss fight is coming up. Every single weapon comes with a unique ability that you can learn permanently if attuned.

That is accomplished by spamming. It takes ten uses until you can use it permanently. Leech an ability, even if a weapon does not suit your playstyle or if the stats are off.

Purchase the Cheap Limited Stock Items

When you find a wild vending machine, sometimes an orange-colored down arrow can be seen upon some of the items in it. These items are discounted, and you should buy all of them.

The in-game currency, Gil, is at times difficult to find, especially when you need to purchase expensive items costing 500 or above. Buying all of the discounted stuff will be an investment for future battles in the game, that have more difficult bosses.

Keep Steal Equipped

Steal has made a comeback in FF 7 Remake, and you can acquire important items such as weapons by Stealing from your enemies. You won’t be using this ability without complete knowledge though.

Assess Materia will help you to find out which bosses can be stolen from and which items can be taken from normal foes. So keep yourself or a team member constantly equipped with Steal as it will be a big help throughout the game.

Using an AP based heal or item on a Phoenix Down Raise

There is nothing worse than reviving a team member with Phoenix Down and having them killed in the next moment. To avoid this, wait till you possess two ATB bars to split amongst two characters.

Use one of them to revive a dead party member, then follow it up with a spell or healing item to keep them from dying again.

Always Assess

This is the last tip in our Final Fantasy 7 Tips guide, Assess Materia is essential as it allows you to scan every enemy. You gain access to it pretty early in the game, so use it on every single enemy you encounter.

There is a questline in the game, which rewards players when they assess a certain number of foes, and since a few of the areas cannot be returned to, you better use Assess at the beginning of each fight.

That is all for our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides hub for more content.


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