You can unlock a total of nine summoning materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Each of the summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers something to your playable characters in terms of elemental damage, increased stats, and more. After calling a summoning materia in battle, you’ll be able to use its abilities via the command menu. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake summons locations guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about finding all nine summoning materia in the game.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake summons locations

Before we start, do note that you can’t summon these summoning materia in every battle. They’re only available in certain boss fights and tough battles. A summon is always accompanied by a purple bar which determines how long the summon will stay in a battle. Once the bar depletes, the summon performs a powerful attack and leaves and you can’t call it again in the same battle.

Summon #1 – Ifrit
It can’t be missed. You’ll automatically receive it during Chapter #4.

Summon #2 – Chocobo & Moogle
During the second section of Chapter #6, you’ll need to turn three sun lamps off and head over to the west of the cargo lift. Once you’re in the next area, deactivate the fans, clear all the enemies in a minute (summon them by activating the green panel), and activate the second terminal to find it behind a door.


Summon #3 – Shiva
You’ll need to unlock Chadley’s Battle Intel Report #3 to unlock this Shiva summoning materia. Once unlocked, buy it from Chadley.

Summon #4 – Fat Chocobo
You’ll need to accept the “Fat Chocobo” VR mission from Chadley and complete it to unlock Fat Chocobo summoning materia.

Summon #5 – Leviathan
You’ll first need to complete Chadley’s Battle Intel Report #12 and complete the corresponding VR mission to defeat Leviathan and unlock it as a summoning materia.

Summon #6 – Bahamut
You need to complete all 20 Battle Intel Reports for Chadley to defeat Bahamut in a battle and have it unlocked as a summoning materia.


Summon #7 – Chocobo Chick
It’s a pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Summon #8 – Cactaur
Cactaur summoning materia is a part of FFVII Remake Deluxe Edition and First Class Edition.

Summon #9 – Carbuncle
Carbuncle summoning materia is a part of the game Digital Deluxe Edition and First Class Edition.

These are the locations of all the summoning materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. For more help on the game, you can check our Final Fantasy VII Remake wiki page.



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