Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out and apart from being able to fight bosses, stagger enemies, find weapons, you can play a few mini-games. One of the mini-games you can play in FF7 Remake is Darts. It is a fun pass time in the new game. In the Darts guide, we will explain how to play Darts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and we will also get tips to play better.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Darts

To play Darts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you need to complete the first two chapters and reach Sector 7 Slums. In the slums, you can go to the Seventh Heaven bar where you can play Darts by using the dartboard on the wall close to the junk box. Use the Dualshock controller to interact with the board, press Triangle to start playing darts.

Darts Tips

The goal of darts is to score enough to get to the highest position of the darts leaderboard. The best way is to position the target slightly higher than your desired location the dartboard. Use the action button when the target reticule closes in on the desired target location. It’s a useful tip to make sure you get a higher score in the round. You can play the game as many times as you want to a few practice rounds will do you good. Try to practice hitting the bull’s eye or the double and triple rings. The aim is to get the Luck Up Marteria reward.

And that’s how you play darts and do well at it in FF7 Remake. For more Final Fantasy 7 guides check out the Wiki page.



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