In this guide, we will explain how to complete the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Home Sweet Lums Chapter 3  side quests. Home Sweet Lums is the third story mission of FF7 Remake.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Side Quests

There are 26 side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and 6 of the side missions take place in the third Chapter. Side missions in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are also known as Odd Jobs.

Lost Friends

Reward: 1x A Maiden’s Kiss potion, 1x HP and MP fully restored

Lost Friends is a side mission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The objective Lost Friends side quest is to find Betty’s Cat. How to find Betty’s Cat you ask? Well,  you need to look at 3 different locations and then return to Betty. There is more than one cat, 3 in total hence, 3 locations.

  • Location #1: The first location you can check is on the exit road of the Residential Area, the exit road is the one that leads to the Pillar Plaza.
  • Location #2:  You can find the second cat in front of Tifa’s bar “Seventh Heaven.”
  • Location #3:  East of your apartment there are some houses behind a fence. You will come across a woman with a green quest marker pointing to a dark metal tube. Go to the metal tube, the cat is on the other side.

Once you have all the cats head back to Betty and finish the side quest.

Rat Problem

Reward: 5x hi-potion, 1x HP and MP fully restored

Rat Problem is one of the side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3. You get this side quest after you speak with Chadley in the main mission “Problem Solving.” Your objective is to get rid of wererats and doomrats.

After you are done speaking with the store owner head to the location where the rat problem is. Mark the side mission on your map and go North. Head up some stairs and you will find yourself in the interior of a rounded room that has a green floor, head forward and duck under a pipe to access an open area. Here you will find the wererats, take them down and go back to the store owner to talk to him. The store owner will ask you for further help with the doomrats. Now go back to the same area and you will find doomrats. Head back to the store owner and talk to him to complete this side mission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


On the Prowl

Reward: Elixir, HP, and MP restored

The next side quest Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is On the Prowl. Speak to Wymer after completing the “Rat Problem” side mission.  Your objective is to go to the Scrap Boulevard and battle the Wrath Hound.  There is a short path to the right of Waymer, the Wrath Hound is at the far end of the area. Battle the Wrath and at a certain point, the dog will run away. Chase after the dog and you will find Wymer who’ll tell you that he chased it down a different path. Go under the gate with the yellow tape and follow the path to reach Wrath Hound. Beat the hound and go speak with Wymer.

Chadley’s Report

Reward: 500 Gil

Your goal is to assess 2 enemy types and report back to Chadley. You can assess any two types of enemies by using the Combat Analyzer. Once you have the data report back to Chadley to complete the side quest.


Nuisance in the Factory

Reward: 500 Gil, HP and MP restored

The quest is given by the Junk Dealer and once you have the side mission, head east to the Pillar Plaza area that leads to the train station. Speak with Narjin who is in front of the fence. Go in the  Abandoned Talagger Factory and beat the two groups of drakes here. The North area has one group but you will find two groups to the south. Take down two groups and head back to the Junk Dealer to complete this FF7 Remake side quest.

Just Flew In from the Graveyard

Reward: Star Bangle, HP, and MP restored

Just Flew In from the Graveyard side mission is available once you complete Nuisance in the Factory. Your objective is to locate the Watch Security Key Location. You need to head back to the factory where we took down two groups of drakes. The watch security can be found in a crate to the west of the factory. There is a large hall where we fight a couple of Gorgers, go to the far end of this room and hold the triangle button to reveal the location of some crates. Break the crates to find the Watch Security Key. Now go back to the room where you killed a group of drakes in the previous side mission of FF7 Remake.