Accessories in Final Fantasy 7 Remake provide the wearer with one or more benefits. These benefits include but aren’t limited to increased attributes, negating negative status ailments, and better defense stats among many others. In this guide, we’ll go over all the accessories in the game and their locations.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake accessories locations

Unlike weapons in FFVII Remake, accessories aren’t character-bound and can be equipped by all characters. As for finding them, you should be able to find accessories in the game’s world, as boss drops, from merchants, and random drops from enemies. The following is a comprehensive list (being constantly updated) of all the accessories for all the characters that you can find FF7 Remake alongside their prices and effects.

Accessory Effect Where to Find / Location
Power Wristguards This accessory increases strength by +5%. For 800 Gil from Sector 7 slums shop. Alternatively, can also be acquired from a treasure chest in Loveless St., right next to some Shinra crates.
Bulletproof Vest You can gain +5% vitality from it. For 800 Gil from Sector 7 slums shop.
Earrings This accessory adds +5% magic power. For 800 Gil from Sector 7 slums shop.
Talisman You can gain +5% spirit using this accessory. For 800 Gil from Sector 7 slums shop.
Revival Earrings When equipped, your character enters the battle with the Auto-life status effect which breaks on using. For 800 Gil from Sector 7 slums shop.
Crescent Moon Charm Non-active characters during battle deal reduced damage to the wearer. From Marle at Stargazer Heights.
Tetra Elemental You’re better able to absorb fire, earth, ice, and lightning damage. To be updated.
Ribbon To be updated. To be updated.

These are all the accessories and their locations in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. For our complete coverage of FFVII Remake, be sure to check our FFVII Remake wiki page.


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