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Final Fantasy 16 Typhon Boss Fight: How to Beat Typhon


Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) introduces a challenging boss fight against Typhon the Transgressor. This boss puts players to the test with its powerful attacks and unpredictable moves. In this guide, we will provide you with comprehensive tips on how to defeat Typhon.

Like any other boss in FF 16, you need to learn Typhon’s attack patterns and counters. Also, make sure that you have equipped and forged the latest gear at the Hideaway, as you won’t be able to backtrack once the battle begins. Take advantage of any available potions lying around in the area to stock up on healing items.

Typhon Boss Fight Phase 1

Typhon boss fight starts with Clive facing waves of Akashic enemies while Typhon recovers from its clash with Ramuh. Prioritize eliminating Specters first, as they pose a ranged threat. Once the Specters are dealt with, focus on taking down the Revenants and Wraiths. Use Clive’s swordplay and Eikon abilities to dispatch these foes efficiently.

Eventually, Typhon will join the fray, and Ifrit will take over the battle. Compared to the Garuda fight, Ifrit is much more agile this time around. Take advantage of Ifrit’s quick bursts across the battlefield and utilize the new Backdraft move to deal significant damage. Be mindful of Typhon’s attacks and adapt your strategy accordingly:

  • Melee Attacks: Typhon will use its arms to perform slams, swipes, and lunges. These attacks have windup animations, allowing you to dodge and counterattack with combos like Backdraft.
  • Unending Clamor: Typhon unleashes an AoE explosion focused on Ifrit’s location. Sprint out of the area towards Typhon to punish it for using this attack.
  • Ranged Attacks: Typhon fires magical projectiles at Ifrit, which can be dodged or countered with Ifrit’s fireballs.
  • Spinning Lasers and Projectiles: As Typhon’s health diminishes, it will utilize more ranged attacks, including spinning lasers and sustained bursts of projectiles. These attacks are telegraphed, providing opportunities to dodge and close the gap for further damage.

Make use of Ifrit’s moves and combos to max out your damage output. Remember to conserve your Eikon abilities for the later stages of the battle.

Phase 2: Typhon the Transgressor

In the second phase of the Typhon boss fight in Final Fantasy 16, Typhon transforms into Typhon the Transgressor, sporting additional arms and even powerful attacks. This upgraded version of Typhon poses a greater threat, requiring increased vigilance. Pay attention to the following attacks:

  • Demon Wall: Typhon teleports away from Ifrit and summons damaging magical walls that move toward the player. Find the gaps in the walls and position yourself to avoid taking damage.
  • Catacecaumene: Typhon shoots lasers in random directions while combining this attack with Unending Clamor. Stay alert to dodge these attacks effectively.
  • Ranged Laser Blast: Typhon charges up a laser before firing off a blast. Evade the blast and close the gap to continue your assault.

Between Typhon’s attacks, seize the opportunity to deal significant damage by using Ifrit’s moves and combos. Although you won’t have access to Eikonic Abilities, Ifrit’s raw power compensates for this limitation. As Typhon’s health reaches a critical point, prepare for a sequence of Cinematic Clashes and Evasions to finish off the battle.

Defeating Typhon the Transgressor in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) yields substantial rewards. Players will receive 870 XP, 200 Ability Points, and 3500 Gil. Additionally, the accessory “The Breath of Fire” and valuable crafting materials will be obtained.

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