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Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories Explained — How to Equip, Change Difficulty

A very intuitive solution to changing combat difficulty in FFXVI.


Final Fantasy 16 does not feature traditional difficulty options. Instead of these menu settings, Square Enix has introduced a new feature called Timely Accessories to assist players who prefer a more accessible experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of FF16 Timely Accessories, detailing their uses, benefits, and how to equip them.

Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories

Timely Accessories are special items in Final Fantasy 16 that serve as difficulty modifiers and assistance tools. Unlike traditional difficulty options, which are menu settings, Timely Accessories are equippable items that offer unique advantages in combat. By equipping these accessories, you are able to forgo the complexities of the combat system and purely focus on the story.

In Final Fantasy 16, there are five Timely Accessories available, each with its own distinct effect. All of these are detailed below:

Ring of Timely Strikes

The Ring of Timely Strikes enables you to execute complex ability combinations effortlessly by simply pressing the square button. With this accessory equipped, you can unleash devastating attacks and showcase your combat prowess.

Ring of Timely Evasion

If you find yourself struggling to evade enemy attacks, the Ring of Timely Evasion is your solution. When equipped, Clive will automatically perform precise dodges to evade incoming attacks, as long as they are evadable.

Ring of Timely Focus

Timing is crucial in battles, and the Ring of Timely Focus facilitates your ability to react to enemy attacks. When equipped, time slows down before an evadable enemy strike lands on Clive. This slowed time gives you a brief window to anticipate and counter the incoming attack.

Ring of Timely Healing

Keeping your HP at optimal levels is vital for survival, and the Ring of Timely Healing automates the healing process. When Clive’s HP falls below a certain threshold, this accessory automatically triggers the use of healing potions.

Ring of Timely Assistance

Torgal, Clive’s loyal companion, plays a crucial role in battles, and the Ring of Timely Assistance ensures his active involvement. When equipped, this accessory automatically executes pet commands based on Clive’s actions.

Equipping Timely Accessories

Now that you’re familiar with the five Timely Accessories, let’s dive into the process of equipping them in Final Fantasy 16:

When you first start playing Final Fantasy 16, you will be prompted to choose between two gameplay modes: Story-Focused and Action-Focused. These modes determine the level of accessibility and difficulty you prefer. It’s important to note that Timely Accessories are only accessible in Story-Focused mode.

If you’re looking for a more casual experience focused on the game’s narrative, Story-Focused mode is the ideal choice. By selecting this mode, all Timely Accessories will be automatically enabled, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of each accessory without the need for manual configuration.

On the other hand, if you crave a more challenging combat experience, you can opt for Action-Focused mode. In this mode, Timely Accessories are not available, and you will rely solely on your skills to overcome the game’s trials. It’s worth noting that the absence of Timely Accessories in Action-Focused mode may require a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and combat system.

If you’ve chosen Story-Focused mode or wish to switch between Timely Accessories during gameplay, you’ll need to access the Gear & Eikons menu. This menu serves as the hub for managing Clive’s equipment, abilities, and, of course, accessories.
Once you’re in the Gear & Eikons menu, you can proceed to equip your desired Timely Accessories.

This is all we have got on our Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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