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Final Fantasy 16 Patron Items Locations and Renown Rewards

How to Get All Patron Items in FF 16!


In FF 16, Patron Items are special collectibles obtained from Patron’s Whisper shop in The Hideaway. These items are rewards for completing various quests and side content in the game. To acquire these items, you’ll need a currency called Renown, which is earned by completing Main Quests, Side Quests, and Hunt Board Quests.

It’s important to note that Renown is only earned after reaching a specific point in the game known as the Point of No Return, which occurs during Main Quest 25: The Dame. Once you have passed this point, you can create a “clear save” and continue exploring the game world to complete any remaining side content or quests.

How to Get Patron Items in FF16

The Patron’s Whisper shop, where you can redeem your hard-earned Renown for Patron Items, can be found in The Hideaway. When you arrive at The Hideaway, seek out Desiree, who will assist you in accessing the shop. Desiree will also provide you with information about the total amount of Renown you have accumulated and the available rewards for redemption.

All FF 16 Patron Items Locations & Rewards

Now let’s take a closer look at all the Patron Items available in FF 16, along with their respective costs in terms of Renown:

Patron ItemsRenown CostReward
Talk of the Teahouse1520x Valley Madder, 20x Bloody Hide, 20x Steelsilk, and 400x Ability Points
Respect451x Meteorite
Pillow Talk851x Berserker Ring
A Swelling Chorus135“A Rose Is a Rose Orchestrion Roll” and 1x Empty Shard
A Prayer for Safe Travels205Cleric’s Medallion
Safe Passage295Dire Wolf Jess
A Token41025x Briar Clam Shell, 15x Desert Rose, 800x and Ability Points
The Bearer’s Plight5502x Meteorite
A Light from the Heavens715High Clerlic’s Medallion
A Pall Lifted90540x Sharp Fang, 30x Bloody Hide, 30x Steelsilk, and 1500x Ability Points.
Newfound Purpose1120No Risk, No Reward Orchestrion Roll, 1 Amber
A Gift13601x Talisman of Priming
A Fitting Performance163520x Clutchmine, 50x Wyrrite, 50x Magicked Ash, and 2500x Ability Points
Faith Undying1965Ring of the Swiftshot
Continental Acclaim2365Genji Gloves
Unsigned2850To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestrion Roll, 1x Fallen Enigma

It’s important to note that the rewards for getting these Patron Items can provide valuable bonuses and abilities in FF 16.

How to Earn Renown

To earn Renown, you must complete a combination of Main, Side, and Hunt Board Quests. The number of quests you need to complete depends on the total Renown required to get all Patron Items. It’s worth noting that there is slightly more Renown available than needed, which means you can collect all items with a few quests remaining


Here are some tips to help you efficiently collect all the Patron Items in FF 16:

  1. Complete Main Quests: Focus on completing the main storyline quests to progress through the game and unlock Renown rewards.
  2. Side Quests: Take the time to explore the game world and complete side quests, as they often provide valuable Renown.
  3. Hunt Board Quests: Check the Hunt Board regularly for new quests, as they offer additional opportunities to earn Renown.
  4. Achieve Close to 100% Game Completion: Aim to complete as close to 100% of the game’s content as possible to ensure you have enough Renown to purchase all the Patron Items.
  5. Create a Clear Save: After reaching the Point of No Return, create a “clear save” to continue playing and completing side content.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find all Patron Items in Final Fantasy 16.

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