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5 Tips to Help You Master Parrying in Final Fantasy 16

Master the art of parrying in Final Fantasy XVI.


Parrying in Final Fantasy 16 is a mechanic that needs no introduction. In games like Sekiro, parrying clearly defines a skillgap in the playerbase. It is basically a combat technique that lets you deflect enemy attacks for a counter-attack. This often results in netting you a massive combat advantage. Mastering the art of parrying in FF16, however, requires hours of practice.

It is important to realize that parrying is a double-edged sword. While a successful parry can turn the fight in your favor, failing to execute it properly will let enemies punish you even harder. To ensure that does not happen, here are some tips to help master the art of parrying in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Parrying Tips

When it comes to landing a successful parry, it all boils down to your timing. You must parry the moment you are about to get hit. However, since enemies have different wind-up times, animations, etc., it can be a little hard to do it consistently if you are new to parrying. Below, we have shared some tips that you can use to improve.

Nail that Timing

Parrying is nothing but a game of timing. You need to read attacks, pay attention to sounds, and memorize various attack animations before you are able to parry consistently. In FF16, the end of your attack needs to connect with the enemy attack to result in a successful parry. The timing is a little flexible and even if you are mid-swing while you connect with the enemy attack, you will parry. However, I must reiterate that different enemies have a range of attacks and it will take you a lot of practice to learn the timing of everything.

Final Fantasy 16 Parrying
Image: Square Enix

If you miss your parry, somehow, you will leave yourself vulnerable for a moment which can be fatal on higher difficulties and boss fights.

Learn Attack Patterns

Continuing the previous point, you will come across a variety of different types in FF16. These enemies have unique attack patterns, animations, audio cues, etc. which you need to keep in mind when trying to parry. This obviously requires a lot of effort from your side but it is important since misjudging an attack can often result in a failed parry.

Use Appropriate Gear

As you progress through the campaign, you will come across items that enhance parrying. It can be something like increasing the parrying window, counter-attack damage, etc. I definitely recommend equipping these items if you are still learning as these items can be a game-changer.

Unlock Parrying Abilities

Aside from gear, you can also unlock abilities that enhance parrying. There are quite a few of these abilities that you can experiment with depending on your build. A few examples of these abilities include:

  • Heat Wave: The ability to parry ranged attacks.
  • Titan Guard: Easily parry physical attacks. Rock’s Gambit: This lets you jump backward followed by a powerful counter-attack.
  • Rock’s Gambit: This lets you jump backward followed by a powerful counter-attack.
Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic
Image: Square Enix

Try to keep an eye on such abilities and incorporate them into your build if possible to take full advantage of the parry system in Final Fantasy 16.


When we talk about the skillgap in FF16, parrying is one factor that immediately comes to mind. People who are really good at parrying have hours upon hours dedicated to practicing it. At the end of the day, if you put a little time into it, you will see some improvements. However, while you are practicing it, be sure to do it against different enemies, with random attack speed, etc. to really get it down.

We hope these Final Fantasy 16 parrying tips helped you learn something. For more help on the game, see how you can deal 50K+ damage with a single Stagger, unlock Chocobo, and easily break Enemy Guard.

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