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How to Beat Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut Boss Fight

How to Beat Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16!

In Final Fantasy 16, the boss fights against Bahamut comes after beating bosses like the dragon and the undead sorcerer. Bahamut is the big king of dragons, and defeating him requires skill, strategy, and knowledge of his unique attack patterns. This guide will provide you with the essential information and tips to help you conquer Bahamut and emerge victorious in the ultimate boss fight.

How To Beat Bahamut in FF16

Bahamut’s fight consists of multiple phases, each posing its own challenges and threats. To kill Bahamut, you must adapt to his attacks, dodge efficiently, and retaliate at the right moments. Let’s explore each Bahamut phase in detail:

Phase 1: Facing Bahamut as Ifrit

In the first phase of the boss fight, you will use Ifrit, and your objective is to deplete Bahamut’s health while avoiding his attacks. Bahamut is an agile boss that can fly, making it challenging to land hits. However, Ifrit’s midair attacks can reach Bahamut effectively. Utilize Ifrit’s regular jumping attack, which has a generous hitbox, to strike Bahamut while in midair. Additionally, the Wildfire ability is crucial for avoiding Bahamut’s large attacks and swiftly pursuing him across the battlefield. Take note of Bahamut’s attacks in this phase:

Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut Boss Fight phase 1.
AttackDescription and How to Counter
Spinning DivebombBahamut performs a spinning swoop attack. Use Precision Dodge to evade this fast-moving attack.
WingbladesBahamut swings his wings, emitting vertical blades of light. Dodge or use a lunging attack to avoid the blades.
Aura BlastBahamut creates a large circular patch of glowing ground, which explodes after a few moments.
QuintessenceBahamut creates a line of massive light orbs that slowly drift towards you. Dodge or destroy them with Spitfire.
Flare BreathBahamut charges and fires an extended breath attack at your location on the ground. Dodge when anticipated.

To defeat Bahamut in this phase, focus on aerial and ranged attacks to decrease his Stagger meter. Utilize Ifrit’s Spitflare ability, obtained after dealing enough damage, to maximize your damage output during Stagger periods. Be particularly cautious of Bahamut’s Quintessence attack, as it appears in various forms throughout the entire fight.

Phase 2: Joshua’s Phoenix Form

In the second phase, you will control Joshua in his Phoenix form. This phase is largely on rails, but Bahamut still poses threats with his attacks. Familiarize yourself with the following Bahmut attacks:

AttackDescription and How to Counter
Flare BreathBahamut breathes a jet of flare magic and swings it at you. Dodge when the breath attack sweeps.
Homing OrbsBahamut summons light orbs that slowly travel towards you. Destroy them with targeted Volley attacks.
MegaflareBahamut releases a barrage of ranged attacks that persistently track you. Dodge and adjust your direction to avoid them.
WingbladesBahamut spins and swings a wing, releasing a massive blade of light. Dodge when anticipated.
Orb TurretBahamut summons large orbs that fire laser attacks. Use charged Fireball attacks to destroy them.

To defeat Bahamut in this phase, utilize Joshua’s Fireball ability for maximum damage. Focus on using Fireball to deplete Bahamut’s health quickly, while saving Volley attacks for handling the Homing Orbs he summons. Mastering precision dodges and utilizing Phoenix’s abilities effectively will contribute to your victory.

Phase 3: Return of Ifrit with Phoenix

In the third phase, you will once again control Ifrit, accompanied by Phoenix. This phase is an extended version of the first phase, with the addition of new attacks. Take note of Bahamut’s attacks in this phase:

AttackDescription and How to Counter
Mortal CoilBahamut shoots a ball of light at the ground, causing a pillar of light to erupt. Dodge to avoid.
Triple CoilBahamut fires three Mortal Coils in quick succession. Evade as you would for a single Mortal Coil.
Ground SlamBahamut slams the ground, sending out a shockwave. Jump to avoid the shockwave’s damage.
Energy RainBahamut fires thin lasers into the sky, which fall randomly on the battlefield. Constantly dodge to avoid damage.
Umbral AuraBahamut creates a field of energy that inflicts continuous damage. Continue attacking while enduring the damage.

Surviving Bahamut’s relentless attacks and learning how to evade each one is crucial in this phase. Utilize Ifrit’s abilities strategically, such as Spitflare during Bahamut’s stationary moments and Brimstone at the end of a Stagger period. Focus on dealing damage while managing your health and using Phoenix.

Phase 4: Ifrit Risen and Phoenix Combined

The final phase of the fight combines Ifrit and Phoenix, with Ifrit Risen taking the lead. In this phase, Bahamut introduces new powerful attacks, including:

AttackDescription and How to Counter
SupernovaBahamut emits a massive ball of energy that homes in on you. Use Wildfire or Lightspeed to evade.
GigaflareBahamut emits a huge, persistent breath attack. Evade and position yourself behind Bahamut for safety.
LightflareBahamut shoots smaller versions of Gigaflare with weaker tracking. Position yourself behind Bahamut.
Dashing LasersBahamut dashes away, emitting homing lasers. Use Lightspeed to close the gap and avoid the lasers.
RadianceBahamut conjures beams of light that sweep the battlefield. Perform precise dodges to evade the beams.
Aura BurstBahamut creates an explosion with added lasers. Dash outside the explosion radius and avoid the lasers.
Stationary LasersBahamut summons orbs that fire harmless lasers, which later become damaging. Evade or destroy the orbs.
Celestial FoundryBahamut creates a wall of glyphs that fires massive laser beams. Find a safe zone or get behind the wall to avoid the beams.

In this phase, use Ifrit Risen’s Lightspeed ability to avoid Bahamut’s attacks and close gaps quickly. Be prepared for the relentless assault and maintain a balance between offense and defense. Utilize Unbridled Strength with Jill’s strong attacks during Stagger periods to deal significant damage and increase the stagger percentage.

Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut Boss Fight – Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips and strategies to enhance your chances of defeating Bahamut:

  1. Level Up and Upgrade: Ensure that your party members are at maximum level and upgrade their weapons for increased damage output and survivability.
  2. Optimal Materia Setup: Equip your party with a combination of offensive and defensive materia. Healing, Magic Up, and HP Up materia are essential for sustaining and maximizing damage.
  3. HP and MP Boosting: Aim to have each character with 7000 or more HP to withstand Bahamut’s attacks. Farm HP Up and MP Up materia to boost your party’s stats.
  4. Use the Shinra Combat Simulator: Level up HP and MP Up materia quickly by utilizing Barret’s Big Bertha weapon and Cloud’s Firaga spell in the “Two Person Team vs High Flyers” mission.
  5. Summon and Limit Breaks: Save your summons and limit breaks for crucial moments, such as when Bahamut is close to defeat or during Stagger periods, to deal massive damage.
  6. Precise Dodging: Master precision dodges to avoid Bahamut’s powerful attacks and position yourself advantageously.
  7. Balance Offense and Defense: Maintain an offensive stance while being mindful of Bahamut’s attacks. Block rather than evade to mitigate damage when necessary.
  8. Learn Attack Patterns: Study Bahamut’s attack patterns and anticipate his moves to react swiftly and effectively.
  9. Adaptability and Patience: Be prepared for the long and challenging fight against Bahamut. Adapt your strategies as the fight progresses and remain patient to exploit openings.
  10. Learn from Failure: If you fail to defeat Bahamut, analyze your mistakes and adapt your approach. Adjust your materia setup, level up, and try again.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16).

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