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Final Fantasy 16 Gigas Boss Fight: How to Beat Gigas


The Gigas boss fight takes place during the prologue chapter of FF 16 in the Stillwind marsh. As Clive Rosfield, players are confronted with this massive goblin opponent. With its high HP and unique moves, the Gigas poses a significant challenge. However, with the right approach and strategy, victory is not that hard.

During the “Lost in a Fog” quest, you’ll encounter Gigas, the first boss, in the Old Village Square in Stillwind. As you’re still in the Prologue, this boss fight serves as an introductory challenge, allowing you to test your skills against a real enemy.

QuestFF16 – Main Quests Lost in a Fog
Location & RegionStillwind, Grand Duchy of Rosaria
Rewards ・54 EXP
・45 AP
・0 Gil
・Bone Necklace
・Hard Leather Armlets
AbilitiesBig Swing

Phase 1: Gigas Attacks And Counters

In the first phase of Gigas Boss Fight, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the Gigas’ attacks. The Gigas primarily relies on its enormous club for melee combat. Look out for the following moves:

  1. Overhead Smash: The Gigas raises its club overhead before delivering a powerful smash. To dodge this attack, wait for a second when the club is raised, then swiftly dodge to the side for a Precision Dodge. Seize the opportunity to counterattack.
  2. Club Swings: The Gigas swings its club from side to side. When the club lowers and the Gigas readies itself, either create distance or dodge behind it during the first swing. This will allow you to land free hits. Additionally, be cautious of the Gigas charging at Clive from a distance. Sidestep to avoid contact and use ranged attacks like Fire or Fira for extra damage.
Final Fantasy 16 Gigas Boss Fight: How to Beat Gigas attacks and counters

Phase 2: Dealing With An Aggressive Gigas

As you successfully reduce the Gigas’ health to about half, it becomes even more aggressive. Alongside its normal attacks, the Gigas introduces a new move called the Big Swing. This extended combo involves the Gigas spinning its club round and round while moving closer to Clive. To avoid damage, make sure you do not get trapped in a corner and keep moving.

To maximize your damage output and increase your chances of beating Gigas, exploit the Gigas’ vulnerabilities. Utilize the Blessing of the Phoenix abilities to deal heavier damage. String together Shift combos to consistently lower the Gigas’ Will. When the Gigas is staggered, press on harder to take advantage of the increased damage opportunities.

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