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Final Fantasy 16 Food for Thought Side Quest Walkthrough


In Final Fantasy 16, you’re going to complete a ton of side quests in order to progress your character faster. These side quests can sometimes be hit or miss, offering either engaging challenges or mundane tasks. One such quest, “Food for Thought,” falls into the latter category. While it may not require much effort to complete, the rewards are worth the trouble.

In this article, I will provide a walkthrough of the “Food for Thought” side quest in Final Fantasy 16, offering step-by-step instructions on how to complete it and what rewards await you.

How to Start “Food for Thought” Side Quest in FF16

To start the “Food for Thought” quest, you must reach a certain point in the main story. During the “Hide, Hideaway” mission, after arriving at Cid’s Hideaway, you will encounter Kenneth, the owner of the Fat Chocobo diner. Kenneth will assign Clive the task of delivering soup to three patrons. This quest becomes available once you have been prompted to make your way to the Greatwood.

Final Fantasy 16 Food for Thought Side Quest how to start.

How to Complete “Food for Thought” in FF16

Once you accept the “Food for Thought” quest, you will receive three bowls of salt broth. Your objective is simple: deliver these bowls to the three customers marked by yellow exclamation points.

Approach each patron and place the bowl in front of them by holding down the X button for a moment. This straightforward action fulfills your duties as a waiter for the side quest in FF16.

Quest Rewards

After successfully serving all three customers, return to Kenneth to claim your well-deserved reward. Kenneth will be impressed with Clive’s skills as a waiter and will hand over 500 Gil, as promised. Additionally, you will receive 5 XP and ten Wyrrite.

But the rewards don’t end there! You’ll also have the opportunity to open Kenneth’s treasure coffer, located to the left of the bar. Inside, you’ll find the Badge of Mettle accessory, which boosts Clive’s Defense stat by ten points when equipped.

While the “Food for Thought” quest may seem relatively simple, the Badge of Mettle accessory you obtain from the treasure coffer can prove to be useful in upcoming main story missions. Although it may eventually become outclassed by more powerful items, it will provide a temporary advantage as you progress through the game.

In Final Fantasy 16, the “Food for Thought” side quest offers a straightforward and easy task. The rewards make it worthwhile, with 500 Gil, 5 XP, ten Wyrrite, and the Badge of Mettle accessory.

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